Nanan (ナナン Nanan?) is an issue of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series, found in tankōbon volume 2.


With the Zombies all dead, the survivors are being cared for by security and maintenance workers. Dr. Doug Wright alerts Mother Gracia to the mysterious hooded woman, who is shocked to learn of an apparent intruder in the school. Ricky Tozawa runs up and grabs Mother Gracia, pulling her by her habit and declaring all the deaths to be her fault. Mother Gracia remains calm, and simply responds that he knows nothing of Marhawa School or herself.

In the morning, Cpt. Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans and Merah Biji arrive in their Gambit at Bennett University. Asking around the faculty, it is made clear Dr. Wright has been gone ten days now, though it is not unusual for him to go away on work and they are not worried. Biji explains to Cpt. Redfield that while Dr. Wright is occasionally out of contact with the BSAA, they made an agreement he leave contact details just in case. Nivans enters the office after interviewing students; Tozawa told a number of people where he was going.

Having lunch at the cafeteria, Biji admires the cuisine, including Champon, a Japanese food she is not familiar with. Continuing with what he was saying earlier, Nivans has found they went to Marhawa School. They deduce Dr. Wright went there to tackle an urgent bio-weapon related emergency there, though his decision to take his nephew into a hot zone for extra credits is treated oddly. Biji is aware of the academy, and mentions how it is world famous as the best private school in Asia. The school, she says, is a boarding school in a remote area with limited lines of communication to the outside. As such, they must head to the school in person. The three are interrupted by the chef, Yoshihara, who tells them he has a daughter at the school, Nanan, and would like them to check up on her as she has not written to him in months.

Back at Marhawa, Tozawa rests back in his bed, where he reminisces over the Champon cooked at the university. Dr. Wright tells him there is a monthly tasting party held for faculty and guests at the university, something many people are unaware of; to thank him for his work, he is offered a guest seat.

Mother Gracia meets Bindi Bergara in her office, and asks why she was in the basement. Angry that Mother Gracia will not call the police, she tells her she saw Nanan down there. After Bergara leaves, Mother Gracia takes time to process what she has learnt today, and considers the possibility Nanan is somehow the woman spreading a virus around the school.



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