Rooftop Alliance is a manga issue in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire series.


It has been two days since the incident in the basement which saw the deaths of six people, again successfully covered-up by Mother Gracia. It is time for the Marhawa School Festival, where all the students get together in the open. From the rooftop, Tahir Kapoor watches down, smoking a cigarette while thinking about the continued risk of Zombie attack and the irresponsibility of holding the music festival. Dr. Doug Wright and Ricky Tozawa join him on request. The meeting proves insightful. Though there is banter over Tozawa's decision to let a Zombie bite his first to kill him rather than use his stun-gun, Dr. Wright is reminded Kapoor was also bit that day, meaning the virus cannot be spread through bites and must be spread some other way.

Kapoor finally shows them what he invited them to the rooftop for - handguns, one for each of them given out by Mother Gracia. While the two are relieved she is coming to terms with the seriousness of the situation, Tozawa is still confused why Kapoor is blindly loyal to her. He tells them that he and Ray Hsu both lost their families in a war, and were saved by Mother Gracia's father and taken to an orphanage he ran with her, which became the school. He isn't so much loyal to Mother Gracia as the school itself and what it represents. Tozawa wants to know just one final question: "Do you know Nanan?!"

Two older boys leave the music festival behind; as everyone taking part is a student, there is no fun in seeing new people. The two notice a girl in a raincoat standing near them. They become irritated at her silence and pull her hood back. What they see is not shown, but they scream out in horror.

Back on the rooftop, Kapoor wants to know where Tozawa would hear the name, "Nanan". Dr. Wright explains Bindi Bergara saw her in the basement, and she may be the terrorist they're looking for. He insists Bergara was dreaming, as Nanan has been dead for three months. Meanwhile, the two boys have been infected with the virus and mutated into Zombies.



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