Equilibrium Collapse is a manga issue in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire series.


The two Zombie students head out towards a crowd at the Marhawa School Festival. One of the Zombies grabs a schoolgirl and pushes her to the ground. A panic erupts at the festival, getting the attention of Dr. Doug Wright; Ricky Tozawa and Tahir Kapoor at the rooftop. Bindi Bergara, armed with a crossbow, fires a bolt into the neck of the attacking Zombie, saving the girl he has pinned down. She demands everyone leave the area and tell the other students what they saw. Bergara recognises the two boys, and jokes about them being known for bad behaviour. A hooded woman watches from the roof of a nearby building.

While Tozawa and Dr. Wright head out to the court yard to deal with the Zombies, Kapoor races to Mother Gracia's office to report the recent developments, finding she is already being informed of this by her nuns. Tozawa arrives at the courtyard to find the two boys already dead, covered in bolts from Bergara's bowgun.



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