Bindi Falls is a manga issue in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire series.


Mother Gracia has called an emergency meeting at Marhawa School's auditorium. Dr. Doug Wright, Ricky Tozawa and a blood-stained Bindi Bergara walk together. They enter the auditorium to find that Mother Gracia has again covered-up the incident by declaring the Zombie attack to be a trick by Bergara to incite a panic. For this infraction, she is stripped of her Presidency, suspended for three months and to be confined to her room. At Mother Gracia's office, Tozawa is appalled at her behaviour, but Dr. Wright is starting to take a new view. As Marhawa School is cut off from the outside, causing a panic will just allow the outbreak to spread further.

Moving to other things, Mother Gracia shows Dr. Wright a photograph of Nanan Yoshihara, the girl Bergara claimed to have seen in the basement who Tozawa suggests is not only the hooded woman but also a Zombie. Mother Gracia and Kapoor explain that Bergara and Yoshihara were inseparable friends, and Mother Gracia takes responsibility for her death.

Mother Gracia reverts to her old fashion sense (scanlation).

The following day, Dr. Wright and Tozawa practice at the security guards' firing range, overseen by Kapoor. They are instructed by another member of staff to meet with Mother Gracia once more, but they find she is out of her nun's habit, instead wearing a jacket, and denim skirt over leggings. She offers the two to go mountain hiking with her, as she feels she can only explain to them the details about Yoshihara outside of the school. Crossing through thick woodland and streams, Mother Gracia finally shows them a large rock with blood stains on it, where she says Yoshihara died.

Back at the school, Kapoor delivers Bergara her meal, having arranged to do so himself each day. While he understands her noble intent, he must defend the sanctuary, and implies her repeated attempts to spread the truth are the result of anger at Mother Gracia over Yoshihara's death. He leaves the room, reminding her that people who hold obsessions with revenge risk losing.



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