Episode 15 is an issue of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It is the final issue of the tankōbon Volume 2.


It is night time, and Tahir Kapoor lies dying on the rooftop, covered in blood. Ricky Tozawa stands over him, ready to fire his handgun to kill him.

Two hours earlier, Tozawa and Dr. Doug Wright are being shown a larrge rock. Mother Gracia explains to the two that because of the influence of Bindi Bergara, Nanan Yoshihara started to loath being at Marhawa School. The two joined the school council and gained dominant positions in it, but found they could not change the school's policies. Frustrated, the two ran away into the forest. The security guards caught up to them by the rock, and during the struggle Yoshihara slipped and suffered heavy trauma to the side of her head on the rock and died. This was the first time Mother Gracia had to cover-up such a terrible event, and it is from there that she became the woman she is today. Dr. Wright tries to get through to Mother Gracia, that she can warn the school and start anew without losing everything.
Lepotica Nanan

Nanan's Lepotica form.

Returning to Marhawa School, Dr. Wright and Tozawa are led by Kapoor up to the rooftop to investigate a sighting of a hooded figure. They confront the figure, and Kapoor raises his handgun to fire. The hood falls down, revealing the figure is indeed Nanan Yoshihara, who has suffered mutations to the left side of her head but is otherwise recognisable. Yoshihara extends her arms to punch Tozawa, but Dr. Wright gets in the way and is impaled. Yoshihara then swings her arm, and it severs Kapoor's right arm so he cannot shoot.

On the rooftop of another building, a second hooded figure keeps watch. She records her findings of "Test Subject C-16" to a cube-shaped computer device.



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