Episode 15 is an issue of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It is the final issue of the tankōbon Volume 2.


A male Marhawa Security officer lies on the ground, covered in blood. An unseen individual aims a pistol and delivers the coup de grace. It is revealed to be Ricky Tozawa, standing over Tahir.

Two hours earlier, Ricky; Doug and Mother Gracia examine the boulder. Gracia explains that Bindi had always opposed the way she ran the school. Bindi succeeded in becoming the Class President, seeking to change the school procedure to benefit herself and Nanan. Gracia refused to allow the rules to be changed, and the two girls decided to run away into the forest. According to Gracia, she and one of her staff chased the two; when they caught up, the four got into a fight and Nanan slipped onto the boulder, splitting her head open. To keep up the school's reputation, she kept news of her death suppressed for three months.

Lepotica Nanan

Nanan's Lepotica form.

Still suspecting the mysterious hooded girl to be a revived Nanan, Doug and Ricky meet up with Tahir back in the school grounds and run up a flight of stairs to the roof when told the girl is up there. The three take out their handguns when they find her. Ricky shouts out Nanan's name, and the three fire. The girl's hood is shot off, revealing Nanan, mutated on the left side of her face. She turns to her side and throws a punch at Doug's spine with her elasticated right arm. Doug orders Ricky to run as the tentacle impales him and lifts him into the air. Tahir shoots Nanan in the chest, forcing her to let go of Doug. However, she retaliates by firing her tentacle at Tahir, ripping through his right arm.

In the distance, another hooded figure stands. Taking out a cubular communications device, the mysterious individual identifies Nanan as "Test subject C16".



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