Part 16: My Friend is an issue in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It is the first issue of the tankōbon volume 3.


Tahir Kapoor falls to the ground, coughing blood. Nanan Yoshihara slowly walks over to him; missing his right arm, he is unable to shoot at her, though Ricky Tozawa shoots instead. This proves ineffective, and Yoshihara kisses him on the lips, through which she breaths C-Virus into his lungs in the form of a fog. Kapoor falls back to the ground and begins coughing. Yoshihara looks to Tozawa, but leaves him alone and flees. Tozawa rushes to Kapoor, who asks to be killed with a gunshot to the head, understanding she is the direct cause of the virus spreading. Tozawa listens to his plea, and raises his gun.

Elsewhere, Bindi Bergara is sitting in her room - Room 305 - reading a book. Someone enters through the window, and she smiles at them, saying "welcome back".

Back at the rooftop, Tozawa still has not fired the handgun, provoking hostility from Kapoor. Dr. Doug Wright also demands he kill Kapoor immediately, as he turns into a Zombie. It is only now that Tozawa shoots. Mother Gracia and her staff climb to the rooftop to investigate the gunshot and find Kapoor dead and Dr. Wright dying.

Back in Room 305, Bergara offers to clean up her friend, who is wearing a raincoat. She is presented with a security armband taken from Kapoor, which Bergara recognises as her having killed a "bad guy". After cleaning her friend, she provides her with something she calls medicine, a vial of a substance she received that morning.

At Mother Gracia's office, Tozawa confirms to her that Yoshihara was indeed the hooded woman spreading the virus., and that she is nothing like a Zombie. Finally, Mother Gracia decides that the BSAA must be called in to deal with this, and offers to send someone out immediately to warn them. Tozawa heads out to talk to Bergara.

Back in Room 305, Bergara has finished injecting the 'medicine' into Yoshihara. She then wishes her good night.



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