Part 17: Girls' Rebellion is an chapter of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was sold as part of the tankouban volume 3.


The issue starts as a flashback of Bindi's, covering her relationship with Nanan. She believes to have first met Nanan in Third Grade. Walking to Nanan in a classroom, she complements her on here cute name. The other students are shocked that she would talk to Nanan so openly; Nanan replies that Bindi clearly doesn't know her. Bindi admits it; it's the very reason she wanted to talk to her.

They become friends anyway, and Bindi describes a day when Nanan revealed her family life. Her family ran an international restaurant chain which was approaching bankruptcy. She was sent by her father to seek education at an elite school, but failed to understand why given the huge drain on his resources. Her isolation from the other students is, in some part self-motivated by her belief she could never fit into an elite school with a bankrupt father.

The next day, Nanan goes into class and punches a desk almost in two. When the girl supposed to sit there asks who wrecked it, Nanan and Bindi blame it on Alisa Lin, then the student council vice-president. Alisa, also in the room, objects to Bindi's lying, but Nanan threatens her with physical assault should she ever do it again.

Continuing her narration, Bindi explains that this incident began to reveal the failings in Mother Gracia's running - that incidents of bullying are censored from student council documents to protect the school's reputation. Nanan continues to bully Alisa for her elitist privileges (such as being allowed to keep pets), but Alisa responds by having people beat her up. Nanan gets to Bindi's room bleeding from her forehead and nose. Bindi goes to see Mother Gracia to get the police involved in the assault, but Gracia refuses, given that Nanan's injuries are treatable.

Later, Bindi worked hard to become the student president. But even then she had to deal with widespread corruption. In one incident, Alisa and five of her friends claimed to have all been beaten up by Nanan, despite the obvious flaws in one girl taking on six others. When Bindi denounces Alisa's assault as a crime, and she promises to pay for Nanan's medical expenses and compensation for her and Bindi if she promises not to report it. Bindi turns down the offer of money and remains silent; after all, Mother Gracia would not allow outside intervention. Bindi and Nanan later discuss the flaws in the school system; how everyone is 'wrong', and the problems of being isolated at a boarding school for years. Bindi decides the two of them should run away together so they can reveal the truth about Marhawa.

Two months later, the two girls set out into the forest after beating up security crews and stealing their torches. Moving through the woods, a mysterious cloaked woman watches them.



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