Part 17: Girls' Rebellion is an chapter of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was sold as part of the tankouban volume 3.


Told through a flashback, Bindi Bergara narrates her time with Nanan Yoshihara. The two met on the first day of their senior year. Yoshihara's family owned a world-famous restaurant, but an unexplained incident led to the business collapsing just as she started school. The other children quickly began a campaign of bullying, to the extent of ruining her seat between classes. Yoshihara nonetheless remains resilient and tells Bergara she will fight back. Back at class, she threatens a student - Lana - and forces her to tell her who ruined her desk. She relents and tells her it was Alisa Lin, who Yoshihara threats to kick in the face if it ever happens again.

In the days after the incident, Bindi Bergara uses her role as student President to check for any official reports on bullying. She quickly determines that Mother Gracia silenced complaints of bullying, as she is aware of several dozen cases of bullying, suicide attempts and assaults among students. Lin and a number of students raid Yoshihara's room; Lin beats her as the others trash her room. Bergara finds out about the attack and demands Mother Gracia call the police, but as Yoshihara's injuries have been determined to not have any lingering effects, the matter is closed.

Bergara soon finds Lin and several students in bandages, having been hurt in a fight with Yoshihara. Lin finally relents to Bergara and offers to cover Yoshihara's medical expenses and compensation through her father, but Bergara has lost interest. Seeing Yoshihara alone, the two understand they share the same views, that the problem with the students is that the school is so isolationist they have no understanding of how to act. Bergara suggests the two run away together instead and tell others of the school.

Two months later, the two finally make their escape, knocking out at least three security guards to do so. As they roam through the jungle, they are followed by a hooded figure in a raincoat, wearing high-heeled boots.



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