Part 18: Prelude to Destruction is a chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was sold as part of the third tankōbon volume.


Bindi and Nanan have gotten very far into the forest, and Bindi believes them to be close to a highway they can hitchhike on. Bindi jokes they could carjack if no driver will agree to pick them up. Walking in the night, they inadvertently walk into a trap and are surrounded by a large number of Marhawa security personnel and their vehicles. Mother Gracia makes an appearance as her teams try to grab the girls. Nanan punches one in the stomach, allowing the two an opening to escape through. Another guard grabs Nanan; she kicks him in the chest. Mother Gracia catches up with them, finding Bindi under control, but Nanan now fighting two men. The guards proceed to shock Nanan with a stunrod, but she is still able to get back up and kick a guard. Trying to run away, she slips on a rock and her head impacts a boulder.

Bindi is brought back to her room, finding that Gracia has successfully covered up their escape, the fight and Nanan's death. She is greeted in her room by a mysterious cloaked figure entering through her window in the rain. Presenting Bindi with a case, she explains that it will give her the power to destroy Gracia's control over the school. In the school infirmary, Bindi injects the unconscious Nanan with the C-Virus it contained. Nanan's body catches fire in front of Bindi, and then shrivels into a Chrysalid.

With Nanan infected with the virus, the mysterious woman takes out her cubical phone and reports to her contact that Phase 2 is to begin.



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