Part 18: Prelude to Destruction is a chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was sold as part of the third tankōbon volume.


In a flashback to three months ago, schoolgirls Bindi Bergara and Nanan Yoshihara have escaped Marhawa School through the forest. As they close in on the only road in the area. They wonder if they'll have any luck flagging down the school's scheduled delivery truck, but Bergara thinks they're strong enough to just hijack it if possible. The two are blinded by bright lights and then surrounded by cars from the school. Mother Gracia Delanikos gets out of one car, revealing she had to bring out the school's emergency vehicles from storage after the girls wrecked the security guards' car on the way out. A guard runs at the girls, intent on grabbing them. Yoshihara punches the man, and the two run deeper into the forest. Yoshihara is grabbed once more, and kicks her pursuer, but is then hit with a stunrod. Bergara is grabbed, and Yoshihara kicks once more. As she stands back, she loses her balance and falls against a rock and passes out, bleeding from the head.

Yoshihara is taken back to the school, and the whole incident is covered-up to prevent the school falling into disrepute. Crying in her room, Yoshihara is visited by a hooded woman who enters via the window. The woman does not tell her her name, but offers her a case, saying it will give her the power to destroy the school. Under the woman's advice, she enters the infirmary and finds Yoshihara laying on the bed, bandaged. She is injected with the C-Virus stored in the case and is encased within a Chrysalid. Outside, the hooded woman takes out a cube-shaped smartphone and informs her superior the plan has reached Phase 2.



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