Part 19: Time's Up is a chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire shounen manga series. It was re-published as part of the Volume 3 tankoubon collection. The title of the chapter story is given as "Time Over".


Continuing with Bindi's flashback, she walks into a largely-empty classroom to meet with a fellow student, Lana. She becomes annoyed at how Bindi doesn't talk back, so comments on the news that Nanan changed schools, saying she's glad since the girl was a troublemaker. Annoyed further at how Bindi isn't responding to her attempt at provoking a reaction, Lana turns around to find the hooded Nanan looking back at her. Grabbing hold of her with tentacles, Nanan forcibly kisses Lana to infect her with the C-Virus. Bindi is not scared in the slightest by this act, and casually complements Nanan's raincoat as suiting her.

A few days later, after Ricky and Doug's arrival at the school, Bindi catches Alisa on her way to see Ricky. Nanan is seen behind Alisa as she talks about how great he is. The next day at the incident in the underground, it is revealed that Bindi actually ran away with Nanan rather than being abducted, with Ray's infection serving as a distraction.

As Bindi finishes her monologue about how she has finally succeeded in getting Mother Gracia to admit her mistakes, Ricky reveals that he has been listening in on the other side of the door. When she hears his voice, she continues to laugh. Angered at her laughing, he forces the door open with his gun out. Bindi is standing right in front of him, smiling while a syringe drops from her hand. Receiving a boost in strength from her C-Virus infection, Bindi grabs Ricky by the neck and strangles him in the air before throwing him to the floor. By the time he gets back up to face her, she has already disappeared.

Bindi re-appears in the school grounds, drawing attention to herself by sitting on the base of Mother Gracia's commemorative statue, which the others consider a grave disrespect and denounce the legitimacy of her former reign as President. Bindi publicly reveals her intention to destroy the school, which she considers to be built on lies. The cloaked Nanan appears in the crowd, walking up to Bindi. Another student recognises her as being a friend of Bindi's and pulls her hood down, revealing to everyone her mutations. Nanan suffocates one student with her tentacles before impaling him. As the others run back into the building, Nanan begins to mutate further, releasing a cloud of the C-Virus to infect those outside. Already infected, Nanan simply walks through the fog with proud.



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