Part 19: Time's Up is a chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire shounen manga series. It was re-published as part of the Volume 3 tankōbon collection. The title of the chapter story is given as "Time Over".


In the flashback, the events of the first few issues of the series take place from Bindi Bergara's perspective. Bergara enters a class room, finding Lana alone in a seat. Bergara stands behind her, silent. Lana tries to get a response from her, mentioning having heard Nanan Yoshihara has requested to be transferred to another school. When this gets no response, Lana becomes angry. When she turns around, she finds Yoshihara stood next to her, wearing a black hooded coat given to her by the mysterious woman to hide signs of mutation. Yoshihara grabs her with a tentacle and releases a fog of C-Virus, almost immediately mutating her into a Zombie. Several days later, Bergara spots Alisa Lin walking down a hallway, hoping to surprise Ricky Tozawa as boys their own age rarely visit. She is also attacked and infected by Yoshihara. Cutting to the day before the Zombie attack on the school, Bergara actively helps Yoshihara escape through the sewers.

In the present, Tozawa has made his way to Bergara's room, having realised she must be the person responsible for the attacks alongside Yoshihara. He takes out a handgun and opens the door as she laughs. Bergara is stood right at the doorway, looking back at him. She has just infected herself with another syringe containing C-Virus, in the belief that with her own infection she can destroy the school herself. Bergara mutates to develop superhuman strength, and is able to lift him up with ease and throw him against a wall. She leaves down the corridor and around a corner before he can raise his handgun back up.

Bergara heads outside and seats on the steps of a lion statue. A number of students stop to look at her with shock and anger; the statue was built to commemorate Mother Gracia Delanikos' appointment as headmistress, and Bergara is deliberately sitting on the steps as a show of disrespect. Bergara begins speaking out against Mother Gracia once more. Yoshihara walks out into the square, passing the students. Now surrounded, she removes her hood and grabs a nearby student with her tentacle. Holding him by the neck, she then impales him with her left arm. Causing a panic, it is now time for the real attack. Yoshihara removes her coat, having no reason to hide herself. Out of the pores of her exposed skin, she releases a large cloud of C-Virus that mutates many of the students left outside into Zombies.



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