Part 20: Judgment Day (第20話 裁きの日 Dai 20-wa Sabaki no hi?) is the twentieth chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Issue #46 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the third tankōbon volume on January 8, 2013.


Mother Gracia Delenikas stands in the second floor boardroom. She is approached by staff who report that someone has disabled Marhawa School's entire supply of vehicles, including the surplus storage in the underground garage. She realises that telling Bindi Bergara about the emergency vehicles in storage has backfired, and they not have none. Bergara must be the one responsible for the attacks.

Ricky Tozawa wakes up in the night, having passed out soon after being thrown. It is now nighttime. Hearing strange noises down the corridor. Entering the room the noise is coming from, he sees a nun excavating a schoolgirl's stomach to eat. She turns to Tozawa and tries to grab him but he shoots her dead. Racing downstairs, he spots Bergara, who displays smugness at being too late to stop her. He opens the door to go outside, finding a number of mutant students killing and eating their fellow pupils, with only a handful of unmutated students left running on their own. As he sees the bloody sight, he realises just what his uncle, Dr. Doug Wright, meant, when he said they had to deal with the situation immediately - it will just cause another disaster like Raccoon City.

A student on the top floor upstairs looks out of his window. His girlfriend, Xiao, has been infected with C-Virus and mutated into a Zombie. He knows what she has become, but cannot bear life without her. He willingly allows himself to be bitten, and pulls her off the balcony with him so they can both die together. They plunge several storeys.

Two schoolgirls rush through their boarding house, heading upstairs to escape the Zombies. To save herself, one girl pushes the other downstairs as a sacrifice to the Zombies to give herself more time, and she is torn apart by three Zombies. The other girl rushes down a corridor, only to be encircled by a larger group and killed. Another student, a junior student named Yang Tai Ming, has been forced to the ground by his crush, a girl who he attends clubs together (she is unnamed, and only referred to as 'senpai' in the Japanese version). He hopes he can get whatever humanity is left within her to stop, but he fails. The girl is killed by a blunt-force blow to the head by a bat by another junior, a girl named Nguyen Thi Quan. Quan and Tai Ming run away together. With nowhere to go but where adults are around, they run to the faculty room. Meanwhile, Tozawa is out in the open running from the Zombies.


Further notes

Interestingly, Quan still uses the "senpai" honorific when referring to Bindi despite the current situation and the suspension of her Presidential role.


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