Part 21: Pandemic (第21話 パンデミック Dai 21-wa Pandemikku?) is the twenty-first chapter of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series by Naoki Serizawa. It was first published in Issue #48 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the third tankōbon volume on January 8, 2013. An English version of that tankōbon was published by Viz in March 2015.


Yang Tai Ming and Nguyen Thi Quan are running down a corridor, but find only more Zombies ahead. They hide out in a nearby room and lock the door, but the Zombies quickly break open the windows. Quan kneels on the ground to block the door without injury while Tai Ming looks for something to block it. He soon assembles a barricade out of chairs and desks, but this won't hold forever. Quan spots a vent, and the two make their way in. Quan realises Tai Ming is taking advantage of the two of them crawling through the vent to look up her skirt and gets him to back away. However, he ends up pressing his body over a ventilation plate, and his legs dangle over the corridor. The Zombies grab him and begin eating his lower body as they pull him down, starting from the feet and heading up to the torso. Quan cannot turn back in time to save him, and he is killed. A gunshot echoes down the vent, giving Quan hope at least she may survive. She carefully passes over another vent as another student is town apart by a group.

Tai Ming is dragged out to his death (scanlation).

Quan finally reaches over the faculty room and drops down the hatch. She finds a teacher, injured but alive. He can only give her bad news: there are no teachers left to help her. Two Zombie students enter the room, and while Quan is ready to beat them with her bat, the man throws himself in their way to save her, telling her to head to the boardroom on the second floor where Mother Gracia Delenikas should be. Quan trips over immediately as she heads out the door, having been grabbed by a Zombie. The mutant bites into her ankle, but she is saved by Ricky Tozawa, who punches the Zombie in the face. Tozawa asks Quan where the infirmary is, for his uncle.

At the board room, everyone is dead bar Bindi Bergara and Mother Gracia. When Bergara taunts her death, Mother Gracia takes out her handgun and shoots Bergara.



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