Part 21: Pandemic (第21話 パンデミック Dai 21-wa Pandemikku?) is the twenty-first chapter of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series by Naoki Serizawa. It was first published in Issue #48 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the third tankōbon volume on January 8, 2013. An English version of that tankōbon was published by Viz in March 2015.


Tai Ming and Kwan continue to run down the corridors looking for a staff room. Kwan screams out about the zombies charging behind them, which Tai Ming had been avoiding looking back at. They get into a room (possibly a science classroom) and slam the door shut just before the zombies get to them. They are able to break the windows open. Kwan crouches down and blocks the door, telling Tai Ming to find something in the room that will keep the door blocked. Tai Ming provides desks for the door, and a few chairs for added bonus. Despite his work, Tai Ming doubts it will hold them off for long, and Kwan spies a ventilation shaft they could escape through.

Episode 21 - Tai Ming's death

Tai Ming is dragged out to his death (scanlation).

Moving over the crowded corridors, Kwan becomes annoyed at Tai Ming, believing him to be looking up her skirt. The shy boy apologises and backs away, but his legs fall down a hatch. The zombies begin biting his leg as Kwan tries to turn around. When she is finally able to extend her arm, he has been dragged down further and the zombies are now biting into his sides. He coughs out blood as Kwan screams his name, and falls into the crowd as they eat him.

Kwan cries in the ventilation shaft over the hopelessness of the situation, but quietens down when she hears Ricky's shooting outside. Ricky has just killed a zombified schoolgirl; breathing heavily he exclaims that he has to find his uncle. Kwan, meanwhile sees what the zombies are doing to Tai Ming and makes it her goal to kill whoever caused this outbreak. Moving on a little further, she finally reaches the teacher's staff room. Looking down, she sees the body of one of the teacher.

Descending from the hatch, she finds that he is conscious. When asked where the other teachers are, he tells her they already became zombies, and he will do too. A group of zombies barge through the staff room door to get Kwan, but her teacher jumps in their way. He tells her to get to the conference room where Gracia is as the zombies tear into his shoulder. As she runs out into the corridor, a zombie grabs her leg and she falls to the ground. She kicks the zombie in the face, but it bites into her leg anyway. Ricky arrives, punching the zombie in the back of the head before shooting. Ricky then asks her for directions to the medical room so he can find his uncle.

Meanwhile, Bindi has entered the conference room and butchered Mother Gracia's remaining staff. Gracia reaches out for a handgun and points it at her while the girl simply looks on.



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