Part 22: Devil's Smile is a chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was published as part of the Volume 3 tankōbon.


Bindi Bergara has been shot in her left eye by Mother Gracia Delenikas. Mother Gracia approaches the body, but finds she is still alive. Bergara mutates to grow new, mutant flesh over her wounds, and grows three eyes to replace the one that was destroyed. Mother Gracia shoots her again, hitting her left arm. She simply grows a new arm in a Ruka-Hvatanje-type mutation. She declares her new power to be a gift from God, and stretches out her arm to grab her by the head.

Ricky Tozawa is on the floor with Nguyen Thi Quan, who has been bitten on the ankle. Asked for the infirmary, she tells him to go to the fifth floor. Hearing a gunshot, Quan realises Mother Gracia must be in trouble. The two rush up to the second floor and into the board room. There they find a number of corpses. Mother Gracia is still alive, but is bleeding heavily from her head. Tozawa confronts Bergara, who expresses disappointment in Tozawa for his failure to do the "right thing". Mother Gracia is picked up by Tozawa. She is heartbroken, not for dying, but for failing to protect her father's legacy. As she dies, she imagines that Dr. Doug Wright is in the room with her. As Bergara mocks Mother Gracia once more, Thi Quan, having only now discovered her involvement, bashes the back of Bergara's head repeatedly with her bat. However, due to her mutations the proves little, and Bergara simply turns around and starts choking the girl with her human arm. When told to let go, she instead throws Quan across the room and out of the second floor window. As she tries to get up, a mob of seven Zombies rush towards her and kill her.



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