Part 22: Devil's Smile is a chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was published as part of the Volume 3 tankōbon.


Gracia shoots Bindi in the face, entering through her right eye. She simply gets back up, her destroyed eye replaced by several more. Gracia shoots her again, and again, but Bindi merely grows a new left arm.

Elsewhere, Ricky and Kwan overhear gunfire while they sit in a corridor. Believing that Gracia is the only person the students can rely on right now, she has Ricky come with her to save the Mother. She remembers to introduce herself, but already knows of Ricky as the famed mystery guest everyone's been talking about.

Ricky and Kwan barge into the conference room to find Gracia collapsed on the ground and Bindi sitting on a desk looking away. Still alive, Gracia apologises to her father for failing to keep the school under the control. As she goes quiet, Bindi calls her out as a dictator, which provokes Kwan into bashing her with her baseball bat. Bindi grabs the girl by the neck and throws her out of the second floor window. Kwan falls through the treeline and lands on her back. With her legs injured in the fall, she does her best to get up as the zombies start massing.



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