Part 23: At the End of Despair is a chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire series of shounen manga. It was published in the Volume 3 tankōbon collection.


Nguyen Thi Quan is being torn apart by a pack of Zombies immediately after she was thrown out of the window by Bindi Bergara. Bergara overhears her screams, and mocks Ricky Tozawa for allowing yet another person to die. Tozawa jumps out of the window hoping to save her, but it is too late. The Zombies then turn their attention to Tozawa, forcing him to flee.

Tozawa runs outside the school, searching for a means to get to the fifth floor infirmary to help Dr. Doug Wright. He passes a room where two schoolgirls have hung themselves to avoid the more violent death they would otherwise have suffered. Heading inside the next hallway, he punches and shoots several Zombies, while being haunted by both Bergara's mocking and Mother Gracia's words of her failure. He realises he truly is powerless to stop any more deaths, and turns the gun on himself as Zombies crowd around him. They are taken out by automatic weapons fire. Tozawa pulls his weapon down and looks around behind him. Cpt. Chris Redfield of the BSAA is standing there.

Cpt. Redfield contacts the rest of the team for their assessment of the outbreak. Piers Nivans has set up a sniper's perch on one of the building rooftops. He has determined the school to be beyond saving and beyond what he imagined, seeing no sign of survivors. Merah Biji is on the stairs headed to the assembly room, and also reports no survivors, making Tozawa the only confirmed survivor, who Cpt. Redfield recognises after the visit to his university.



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