Part 23: At the End of Despair is a chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire series of shounen manga. It was published in the Volume 3 tankōbon collection.


Having thrown Kwan out of the second floor window Bindi overhears her scream as the Zombies surround her and playfully asks Ricky if she is able to escape from the zombies. Ricky becomes distressed and jumps out of the window to save her, but finds that she has already been ripped apart by a mob of six zombified students, who turn to him. Bindi jokes out of the window about Ricky's inability to save anyone.

Ricky escapes the pack and begins looking for the medical room again, running past a room where two students had recently hung themselves in to escape zombification. Reaching a door inside that he just can't open, Ricky tries to shoot the lock off, but is plagued by zombies coming at him. He defeats them, but collapses while having flashbacks of everyone that was killed or injured around him that he couldn't save. As more zombies cluster around, Ricky takes his handgun to his head, ready to commit suicide. Just as he puts his finger on the trigger, someone begins shooting at them. The person shows himself as a BSAA operative - Chris Redfield.

Chris radios in to Merah and Piers, asking for their reports on the situation. Piers has taken position on a rooftop sniping zombies on the ground; he reports in no sign of survivors. Merah runs up a grand staircase, also reporting in no sign of survivors. Chris confirms the survival of Ricky, the boy who's big mouth brought us there.



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