Episode 24 (第24話 Dai 24-wa?) is the twenty-fourth chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Issue #6 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2013 series, but was later on re-published in the fourth tankōbon volume on May 8.


The episode starts with a re-cap of Part 23 - Ricky is about to shoot himself, but lets go of the trigger when Chris Redfield makes his entrance. Chris helps Ricky up off the ground and identifies himself as a BSAA operative. Ricky remembers his uncle mentioning a BSAA op called "Chris". He thanks Chris for arriving, though Chris admits to having stumbled on the biohazard by accident while looking for Doug. While they didn't come as a large unit with spare equipment, Chris offers Ricky a radio earpiece so he can keep in contact with the team.

Ricky explains to Chris everything - the viral outbreak; the mysterious cloaked figures; the incident underground; Bindi Bergara being a bioterrorist; the attack on Mother Gracia; the syringes containing a virus along with Nanan and Bindi's own mutations. As the team hears Ricky's summary of events, Merah and Piers are surprised and outraged at how a schoolgirl could do all this.

Chris orders Piers to pull back to the Gambit; they won't be able to take control of the area without support from the BSAA's Far East branch. Since the Marhawa School is isolated, he'll have to drive far to get a signal out. After sending the message out, he is told, he is to turn back and support Chris; Merah and Ricky.

Chris orders Merah to find Bindi. The girl is needed alive, Chris tells her as she takes out a crowd of zombies with her agility, because she could be of use in confirming Doug's theory that this is an entirely new viral strain. Chris, meanwhile, goes with Ricky to find Doug.

In the infirmary, Doug is dreaming that he and Ricky solved the case and went back to Barrett University to eat at the monthly staff cooking competition. He wakes up to find a letter addressed to him, from Gracia. He sees a figure looking down at him; initially thinking it is Ricky, he concentrates further and sees Nanan. He then passes out. As Merah checks the Teacher's Room Kwan was just in, she gets a transmission from Chris - they've found Doug, but he is already a zombie. Chris wrestles him to the ground while Ricky cries out; since he is a member of the BSAA's Far East Branch, he requires permission from another Far East member (Merah) to kill him; she agrees that he must be euthanised. Ricky remembers his mother's funeral ten years earlier, when Doug took him in as a parent figure. He objects to Chris, and asks to kill his uncle himself.



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