Episode 24 (第24話 Dai 24-wa?) is the twenty-fourth chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Issue #6 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2013 series, but was later on re-published in the fourth tankōbon volume on May 8.


Marhawa School has fallen to the C-Virus, in a plot by Bindi Bergara and Nanan Yoshihara, working for a mysterious hooded woman. Ricky Tozawa appears to be the only survivor left as a BSAA team arrives.

Piers Nivans is on the rooftop of a building, using his sniper rifle to get a better sight of the school. He determines there are no survivors. Merah Biji has found no survivors yet as she approaches the assembly room. Only Cpt. Chris Redfield has found a survivor, Tozawa himself. He introduces himself to Tozawa, who quickly realises he is the man his uncle, Dr. Doug Wright spoke of. Cpt. Redfield needs to retrieve Dr. Wright immediately, as the three do not have enough equipment or soldiers to handle this outbreak. Handed a radio, Tozawa explains the events leading up to the current state, surprising the BSAA members, who could never imagine a school student leading it.

Nivans heads into the Gambit hoping to get a radio signal to bring in reinforcements from the Far East Branch. Marhawa School is isolated and out of radio contact with the rest of the world, and with the only other means of communication - the landline telephone - being disabled, Nivans must drive to the nearest city and return. Biji is ordered to track down Bergara in the mean-time. As Dr. Wright suspected this virus to be different from anything the BSAA encountered before, information from her is much needed. Cpt. Redfield and Tozawa head through the building in search of Dr. Wright. To keep his hopes up, Tozawa imagines himself and his uncle at a food tasting party.

Upstairs in the infirmary, Dr. Wright wakes up. A letter sits by his pillow from Mother Gracia Delenikas. He sees a figure standing in front of him but passes out once more before he can properly see the figure, who is revealed to be Yoshihara. Biji searches the faculty room, and gets a radio message from Cpt. Redfield. They were too late - Dr. Wright has turned into a Zombie. Cpt. Redfield, with his martial arts skills, is quickly to throw Dr. Weight to the floor, and puts a gun to his head. In a flashback to ten years ago, circa 2002, Tozawa attends the funeral of his mother, from which Dr. Wright becomes an informal guardian. Tozawa realises that killing Dr. Wright should be his responsibility instead.



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