Episode 26 (第26話 Dai 26-wa?) is the twenty-sixth chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Issue #8 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2013 series, but was later on re-published in the fourth tankōbon volume on May 8.


Piers gets into radio contact with the BSAA, and is told that reinforcements will arrive in a day. This is too long for Piers; with the school already fallen there's only Chris and Merah left to slow the infection. The main priority is now to evacuate any possible survivors. Chris and Ricky clear out a room full of zombies as Merah radios in to report having found Bindi.

Nanan, now no longer having a need to cover herself up, walks alongside the empty school swimming pool, seeing the mysterious masked woman up ahead. The woman compliments "C16" on her mutation; Nanan responds by trying to attack her with a tentacle, almost blowing her hood off. The woman moves out of the way by taking out a hookshot and flying to the rooftop, making a firm conclusion that she only responds to Bindi's commands. Nanan, off balance, falls into the pool.
Episode 26 - Merah's agility

Merah is known for her acrobatic talents.

Bindi finally attacks Merah, but her amazing acrobatic talents allow her to flip straight over and shoot Bindi in the back of the head. As soon as she lands, Merah runs up behind Bindi and slits her throat. Radioing in to Chris to report Bindi's neutralization, Chris and Ricky bring up the underground helicopter; Ricky tells Merah to bring any survivors she finds down to the underground control room. Merah reports subsequently that there are no survivors; Bindi just killed the last group. As more zombies approach Chris and Ricky, they make their way to the control room to wait for her. Merah tells Chris he may have to wait a while for her; Bindi gets up off the ground. Chris orders Merah to leave her behind; Bindi is too strong to be successfully brought down. Merah disregards this order; since the bioterror attack was conducted in the Far East Branch's region, she feels personally obligated to take out the ringleader. She then disconnects her radio, preventing any further communication. Bindi complements Merah on her refusal to give up.



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