Ace of the Far East is the twenty-ninth chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2013 series, but was later on re-published in the fourth tankōbon volume on May 8.


Continuing in the flashback, Merah Biji is undergoing training in 2010. Earning the attention of Piers Nivans, she is challenged to a spar. She recognises he and Cpt. Chris Redfield from the North American branch, and accepts. Despite her training, she is quickly thrown to the ground by Nivans, who rests his fist on her head to demonstrate she is not ready. She takes this as a lesson in humility, that there will always be someone stronger. The flashback shifts to 1998. Biji asks her parents to let her go on their business trip to Raccoon City with them, but they refuse. They never came home.

In the present, Biji is tired from her fight with Bergara, but must keep fighting. She grabs up her kukri off the floor and charges at Bergara, but is thrown back before she can do any damage. A Gambit drives straight through the church doorway, driven by Nivans. It passes straight past Biji at speed, and right into Bergara, crushing her against a wall. Nivans presses his foot on the accelerator to cause further damage. Satisfied he has done enough damage, he gets out of the Gambit and explains he found where Biji was easily by being able to hear Bergara from outside. Nivans finds Biji's handgun on the ground, and hands it back to her with a box of ammunition, along with a submachine gun for added protection.

Cpt. Redfield receives a radio call from Nivans as he heads up to the roof. He is alerted to HQ's status, that the nearest reinforcements are a full day away, and that they have to leave immediately. Looking back at the Gambit, Nivans realises they have a new problem.



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