Part 2: Virus Terror is an issue of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series, known as BIOHAZARD marhawa desire in Japan. There, it is referred to as "Episode 2" (第2話 Dai 2-wa?). It was first published in Issue #14 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the first tankōbon volume on June 8.


After having snuck into his room, the Zombified Alisa Lin bites Ricky Tozawa on the shoulder. His scream is heard across the campus, including by his uncle, Dr. Doug Wright as well as Mother Gracia and Bindi Bergara.

Meanwhile, BSAA member Merah Biji drives a Gambit down a highway. Cpt. Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans sit in passenger seats, with Cpt. Redfield on the phone, trying to get through to Dr. Wright, who fails to answer. Biji gets information through her earpiece that Dr. Wright took a sudden leave of absence from Bennett University, though did not say where he was going. Cpt. Redfield is concerned, and they continue to the university where they expect to find clues as to his whereabouts. Biji tells him they will arrive by the following morning.

Back at Marhawa School, the security team has entered Tozawa's room, and has restrained Lin. Dr. Wright runs to his nephew and applies bandages to him. He demands the BSAA be notified of the outbreak, and blames Mother Gracia for the attack on Tozawa. Mother Gracia refuses to notify the BSAA as it will ruin their reputation, though orders a guard to stay at the door in case Tozawa mutates into a Zombie.

Dr. Wright stays at his nephew's bedside as the night progresses. Tozawa is sweating, and begs to be killed if it is true he will become a Zombie. Meanwhile, Mother Gracia consults with one of the teachers, a nun, about the situation; Tozawa's Zombification will serve as proof of Dr. Wright's assertion that the infection spreads by biting. Dr. Wright mentions Cpt. Redfield while at Tozawa's bedside. He explains that he met Cpt. Redfield and Nivans when they were sent in to destroy a giant spider that was attacking people in a shopping mall. As part of his job he took a sample from the dead spider for further testing.

Bergara heads over to Mother Gracia's office to ask about Lin's wherebaouts, as she is not in her room. Mother Gracia tells her she may be taking a moonlight stroll; in reality, a security guard in protective clothing has been assigned to hack her to death with an axe. When Bergara suggests calling the police over the recent disappearances of students, she is quickly told to go to bed and let her deal with it.

In the morning, the bell rings to wake the students up. Tozawa awakens without any sign of mutation. Dr. Wright is confused by this, as Lin appears to have mutated within hours as they saw her yesterday. Against Dr. Wright's better judgment, Tozawa insists on helping him continue his search for an explanation for the outbreak. This search, which includes chasing a rat, gets the attention of students in class, who rush to the windows to see what they are doing. Though Dr. Wright believes the chances are remote that rats are spreading the virus, a small chance is too great to ignore.

Bergara walks up to Tozawa and asks him where Lin is, but he cannot tell her that, or even why they are there in the first place. The scene cuts to her body, still alive, being covered in petrol by several staff members and incinerated, watched over from the rooftop by Mother Gracia. As the shed burns, Tozawa gets a strange feeling Lin was screaming "help me".


  • Ricky Tozawa
  • Alisa Lin
  • Doug Wright
  • Bindi Bergara
  • Mother Gracia
  • Merah Biji
  • Chris Redfield
  • Piers Nivans


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