Encroaching Darkness, known as Final Episode in Japan, is the thirty-ninth and final chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2013 series, but was later on re-published in the fifth tankōbon volume.


Cpt. Chris Redfield pilots the helicopter back to the regional BSAA HQ. Neither he, Piers Nivans or Ricky Tozawa care to speak, as Merah Biji's sudden death lingers.

On the ground, Bravo Team tackle the hundreds of Zombifies students. The high-profile nature of the mission gets the attention of the news, an helicopters fly overhead to report live on the mission. Tozawa watches from a room, possibly his uncle's house. He observes the news reports. Thanks to the BSAA and Kudahukan governments agreeing to cover-up the tragedy for the time being, the news reports on an unexplained accident which ravaged the school, killing its entire student and adult population, in some cases mutilated beyond recognition. There are suspicions that the BSAA was involved, and that it was a bioterrorism incident, but nothing is concrete. Much attention is focused on the history of cover-ups by the school, newly unearthed in the investigation. The military has cordoned off the school for the time-being to prevent any potential contamination escaping.

As time goes on, Tozawa looks over the graves of Dr. Dough Wright and Gracia Delenikas. He congratulates his uncle for his work in uncovering the incident, now known as the Marhawa Desire.

Nivans and Cpt. Redfield are drinking at a bar in Singapore. They discuss Tozawa's condition, that the BSAA has decided to forgo its standard continued monitoring procedure with him showing no signs of infection. He has since quit Bennett University to pursue a life of his own. Cpt. Redfield takes personal blame for Tozawa's change in lifestyle.

Elsewhere in East Asia, the mysterious woman continues her research in a lab beneath a large building block, with the recent newspaper on her desk. Her plans are speeding along nicely, and she is ready for Phase 3. The voice on the other side of her phone conversation congratulates her, and calls her 'Ada'.

Back at Marhawa School, the BSAA, military and news have left the area behind, with the front gate wrapped in tape reading "Keep out". In the hallway, a single Zombified schoolgirl shambles her way between classrooms.

Several months later, in mid-2013, Tozawa's travels have taken him to Lanshiang, where a terrorist attack is underway committed by men in masks, armed with machetes and automatic weapons. Many civilians are butchered in the streets. Tozawa's narration continues. As the identity of the mysterious hooded woman has not been confirmed, the Marhawa Desire is not truly over. Promising to his uncle he will see it through, he remains in Lanshiang to report and expose the attacks. Now working as a photographer for the media, he watches from a rooftop as Cpt. Redfield and Nivans battle the masked men. Tozawa is confronted by one of the attackers, who has mutated to have the same kind of arm Bindi Bergara had. Shooting him in the head, the mask is destroyed and Tozawa sees he has the same eye mutations Bergara had.

Nearby, a woman and her child run through the building, hoping to escape the attackers. Tozawa spots another mutant come at the woman with a machete. He begs the woman to come with him to a nearby helicopter, but is nearly killed by the first J'avo he was fighting. Kicking him over, the J'avo falls into debris and is impaled. Running out into the streets, they bass the BSAA teams. Tozawa takes a snap of Cpt. Redfield as the three make their way to the helicopter.


  • Chris Redfield
  • Piers Nivans
  • Ricky Tozawa
  • Merah Biji
  • Doug Wright
  • Gracia Delenikas
  • Nanan Yoshihara
  • Taro Yoshihara
  • 'Ada'
  • Woman
  • Daughter



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