Part 4: Respective Resolve is an issue of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series, known as BIOHAZARD marhawa desire in Japan. There, it is referred to as "Episode 4" (第4話 Dai 4-wa?). It was first published in Issue #16 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the first tankōbon volume on June 8.


Bindi Bergara wakes up in Marhawa School's infirmary, having passed out from fumes in the clubhouse fire. She wakes up to see Ricky Tozawa standing over her, and quickly demands to know what happened to Alisa Lin, who she saw dead in the fire.

Meanwhile, Dr. Doug Wright meets with Mother Gracia to discuss recent developments. She explains her actions in starting a fire, saying that destruction of the evidence of a biohazard was to prevent a student panic, though Dr. Wright insists it was merely to keep the school's reputation high. He becomes agitated and moves towards her, forcing an older male student to grab him, though he is able to throw the boy down; another boy kicks him in the face. Mother Gracia ends the fight, as she still requires his services to the school in finding a cause to the outbreak. She asks him finally to explain why he is letting his nephew walk around the school, having been bitten earlier by Lin. Dr. Wright insists there is only a remote chance of him being infected and becoming a Zombie, which in this case he is comfortable with.

Both men return to their private room to deal with their respective problems. Dr. Wright tells Tozawa to get packed; he intends to leave the school immediately and notify the BSAA. Having discovered even the faculty do not in fact have a landline, they must leave. As they head to the car, a Zombified student enters Mother Gracia's office and is impaled through the mouth with a candelabrum by one of her student guards before he can attack. As he struggles free, Mother Gracia shoots the zombie student with a handgun she kept for self-defense.



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