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Academy Survival is the seventh chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Issue #27 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the second tankōbon volume on October 5.


Dr. Doug Wright, Ricky Tozawa, Ray Hsu and Tahir Kapoor get ready to head into the Marhawa School's basement to kill five Zombies there. They are stopped by Bindi Bergara, who is armed with a crossbow. Having learnt of the biohazard, she insists on helping them directly. Hsu immediately recognises this as proof Tozawa has been telling others of the outbreak, but he is blackmailed into letting her come, or else she will reveal the truth to the rest of the school.

Moving into the basement, Dr. Wright advises the group they treat the Zombies like thugs on a street, and keep their distance. This deviates from Mother Gracia Delenikas's orders to Hsu and Kapoor, who wanted the five Zombies dealt with immediately with no retreat. The discrepancy causes a confrontation between Hsu and Dr. Wright, who Hsu believes to be mocking his boss. They are quickly distracted by a human hand on the ground nearby. On closer inspection, the hand has been ripped out of its arm by the Zombies and discarded on the ground. Kapoor is somewhat relieved to find this, as it may mean there are only four Zombies, and the fifth worker was eaten.

As Dr. Wright analyses the current situation and suggests running to prevent being overpowered, a Zombie lunges towards him from behind. Kapoor spots the man soon enough and bashes his head with the hammer. Dr. Wright is surprised by the Zombie's running, and concludes it must be a mutant viral strain that is responsible for the Zombies, and not any previously existing mutagen he knows of. Though the blow causes severe head trauma, the man gets back up, and is knocked down again, with Hsu helping with the sword. At the advise of Dr. Wright, Hsu aims for the man's head and cuts it in half. The other three Zombies charge at the group, and they are forced to flee into the control room at the advise of Bergara. Inside they find the dying fifth man, without his hand. Beyond saving, he warns them of a hooded woman who was responsible for it.


Further notes

Despite Doug's expert knowledge of t-Virus infection and zombie biology, he is unfamiliar of cases where zombies can charge at victims. Zombies that can perform this very feat appear in several games - leaving aside the Crimson Heads.


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