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Academy Survival is the seventh chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Issue #27 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the second tankōbon volume on October 5.


Ricky; Doug; Ray and Tahir get ready to open the door to the machinery room. Down the long corridor, three of the five workmen zombies can be seen shambling together. A noise distracts the men; Ricky looks behind to find Bindi, demanding to join their group. She is armed with a crossbow with a scope attachment. Seeing the Class President joining the group, Ray berates Ricky, understanding well that he obviously told her about the infection. Tahir doesn't want Bindi getting in the way, distrusting women getting involved in combat in general. Bindi threatens to leak news of the infection to the entire school if she is not allowed to join; unable to do anything about it, she is allowed to investigate with Ricky.

Moving through the machinery room, Ricky is distracted by Bindi's complements. The mere sound of rats scurrying causes an overreaction as a result. Ray and Tahir argue with Doug over how to find the zombies, which have continued to allude them. Doug wants them to run back out and attack the zombies when they come after them; the two school employees meanwhile want to hunt them as instructed. Their quarrel is ended by noticing a hand on the floor at the corner of a machine. Bindi tries to hide her fear behind ignorance, asking if it's a plastic hand. Ray goes to look, informing everyone that nothing is attached to the hand. With one body presumably being eaten, there are at least most four zombies to look out for.

Doug brings up the zombies' poor mobility due to the rotting of their muscles. Above the team, rats stare down at them. A zombie breaks his definition by charging at him from behind as he suggests they use mobility to evade them. Tahir smashes the zombie's head with an axe, saving the professor. Doug is initially confused by the nature of a running zombie, but soon comes to the conclusion that they are infected with a viral strain much different from the t-Virus he knew. The zombie, despite its axe-wound, is able to stay stood up. Tahir swings the axe again, severing its right arm. As the zombie falls, it bites Tahir's arm. Ray impales the zombie with his sword, but it continues to bite Tahir's arm. Doug instructs Ray to aim for the zombie's head. Ricky covers Bindi's face as Ray slices through the zombie's head vertically.

They have little time to celebrate the zombies demise, as the other three charge after them. Bindi spies a room up ahead and has the team run there for safety. Rushing into the control room, they start to rest. It is quickly interrupted by the presence of a sixth figure. They find it to be a seriously injured but still human member of the maintenance and assessment crew. They find him to be the owner of the disembodied hand from earlier. Bindi wants them to deliver first aid immediately; Ray turns her down - its too late for him, and all they can do is ask him for information. The workman brings up a girl in a hood.

In a flashback, we see the workmen confused by the presence of such an individual roaming the machinery room. The workman, narrating, says that it's all her fault.


Further notesEdit

Despite Doug's expert knowledge of t-Virus infection and zombie biology, he is unfamiliar of cases where zombies can charge at victims. Zombies that can perform this very feat appear in several games, including Resident Evil Outbreak - leaving aside the Crimson Heads of the Resident Evil remake- which was already referenced elsewhere in the manga.

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