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Within a Deep Darkness‏‎ is the eighth chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Issue #28 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the second tankōbon volume on October 5.


The dying workman is questioned over the hooded woman he saw when his colleagues became Zombies. He tells them she was watching them work, not saying a word. He remembers the emptiness of her eyes, before the others started choking. As he checked on them, they became Zombies and mauled him, all while the woman smiled. The man finally dies. Intrigued by this hooded woman, Ray Hsu asks Tahir Kapoor if anyone has recently moved onto the campus, though Kapoor only knows of Dr. Doug Wright and Ricky Tozawa. With the information presently available, Dr. Wright now believes the recent outbreaks to be the deliberate acts of a third party using a virus to cause deaths.

At Mother Gracia's office, the nuns look through Dr. Wright's belongings stolen from his room. Mother Gracia looks through a folder marked "The Raccoon City Incident -Overview-", which contains photographs of mutilated people and animals.

Ray is attacked.

Back in the basement, the five have returned from the control room to kill the remaining three Zombie workmen. Kapoor finishes off one of them, leaving only two to go. Tozawa spots that Kapoor's arm has been bitten, though he thinks nothing of it. Seeing Bindi Bergara praying nearby, he asks why she is praying for the soul of a monster. She insists the man was an innocent who was the victim of Mother Gracia. Tozawa backs her up, but is shot down by Kapoor and Hsu. Dr. Wright meanwhile continues with his duties, and takes out a device for extracting blood samples, intending to analyse the virus within it later. The lights suddenly go out, leaving the group in the dark. Kapoor takes out a torch, and sees a Zombie ripping into Hsu's neck.



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