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Within a Deep Darkness‏‎ is the eighth chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Issue #28 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the second tankōbon volume on October 5.


The team stand over the dying workman, asking him about his strange hooded girl he described. The man says that she stood in the machine room just staring at the men as they worked. She ignored them as though they weren't there, but her eyes terrified them still. They began screaming out in pain, hard of breath as a strange fog enveloped them. Dropping to the ground, three of them mutated into zombies, one of whom tearing off the unmutated workman's hand. He ran to the control room to escape his pursuers.

Doug puts his arm around the workman, sensing he is almost gone. The man remembers the smile on the girl's face as the other three mutated. He then dies in Doug's arm. Bindi immediately drops to her knees and prays for his soul.

With the man dead, Doug and Ray cross-examine the available evidence. Clearly this strange hooded girl is important to the case, and that the outbreak is indeed an act of bioterrorism. Ray asks about Tahir's condition; Ricky is the only known survivor of this particular viral strain.

Back at the President's room, Mother Gracia examines Doug's research papers on biohazards; bioterrorism and bioweaponry, especially his documents on the Raccoon City Incident. Having become interested in what Doug meant when he previously said that not calling the BSAA in would result in another Raccoon City, she focuses on its respective document and its graphic case photographs.

Episode 8 - Ray bitten by zombie

Ray is attacked.

Back at the machinery room, Tahir has killed another zombie and counts only two left to clean up. Ricky notices his arm, and expresses concern that he is infected. As Bindi prays for this zombie's soul, Tahir asks why she bothers praying for a creature. She explains that she is praying for the man, who had done nothing wrong. She blames his infection on Mother Gracia's attempt to cover-up the incident. This leads to an argument between Bindi, Ricky and the school staff, the latter of whom are still loyal to Gracia's ideals. Doug shuts them up as he takes a blood sample from the recently killed zombie.

Tahir elects to hunt down the remaining zombies. As he says so, the lights go out and Ricky is sprayed with blood. Tahir turns on his torch, finding one of the zombies digging into Ray's neck.



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