Instant Hero (インスタントヒーロー Insutanto hīrō?) is the ninth chapter in the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series. It was first published in Issue #29 of the Weekly Shōnen Champion Extra's 2012 series, but was later on re-published in the second tankōbon volume on October 5.


Doug swings his axe at the zombie biting Ray. The blow impacts its side, sending it falling toward Tahir, who responds by swinging his own axe. The lights go back on, and they examine the zombie, now lodged against some pipes.

Tahir notices Ray lift his hand up from the ground, dying. We see Ray hallucinate Mother Gracia. While Tahir looks at his colleague, the zombie charges straight past Ricky and go for Bindi. Tahir swings his axe again, narrowly missing Ricky as it completely destroys its head. Bindi watches Doug examine Ray's corpse, but senses something behind her. The hooded girl looks on at her.

Episode 9 - Bindi abducted

Bindi is apparently abducted by the mysterious hooded girl (scanlation).

The men hear Bindi scream and run to go find her. The final zombified workman grabs Doug's foot, sending him falling to the ground. He is forced to wrestle with the creature until Tahir's axe throws it aside. Ricky is told to continue looking for Bindi while they finish off the creature.

Searching the area, Ricky finds Bindi's crossbow discarded nearly on the floor. He calls out for her again, only to be knocked to the ground by the now-zombified workman who just died in his uncle's arm a few moments earlier, evident by it missing a hand. Despite arming himself with Bindi's crossbow, Ricky is still knocked back down by the zombie. Finding something of Bindi's, he is welcomed by hope, and stands up to fire.

Having finished off what they thought was the last zombie, Tahir and Doug are greeted by the zombified Ray.



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