The passage to director's office[1] was used as a home for infected moths living in the Antarctic Base when the t-virus was leaked there in December 1998.


The corridor is T-shaped, with Moth nests covering most of the wall, and some corpses are embedded in the nests. There is a planter containing the blue herb at the end of the hall, which the player can use whenever an infected Moth poisoned them.



Location Localisation Original Script
Corpses A monster might have been the killer...
Nest This seems to be some kind of nest. It's rather big... I don't think that this nest can be removed...
Blue Herbs It's a planter containing the blue herbs. I don't need to use this now.
Blue Herbs (when poisoned) Blue herb is growing here. Use blue herb? >Yes No

You've used the blue herb.

Door to the package sorting room It's tightly sealed.




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