The passage to director's office[1] was used as a home for infected moths living in the Antarctic Base when the t-virus was leaked there in December 1998.


The corridor is T-shaped, with Moth nests covering most of the wall, and some corpses are embedded in the nests. There is a planter containing the blue herb at the end of the hall, which the player can use whenever an infected Moth poisoned them.


This area is a dangerous place to be due to the parasitic moths. As the only source of an infinite Blue Herb pot, the player must head to this room if poisoned. The moths however will plant poisonous larvae onto the player's body. As consequence, any attempt to cure one's poison may result in them being re-poisoned and having to return.


Location Localisation Original Script
Corpses A monster might have been the killer...
Nest This seems to be some kind of nest. It's rather big... I don't think that this nest can be removed...
Blue Herbs It's a planter containing the blue herbs. I don't need to use this now.
Blue Herbs (when poisoned) Blue herb is growing here. Use blue herb? >Yes No

You've used the blue herb.

Door to the package sorting room It's tightly sealed.




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