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The passenger was one of the victims of the Tall Oaks bioterror incident.[1]


The woman was found by D.S.O. agent Leon S. Kennedy and Secret Service agent Helena Harper during their time underground in the subway. She was trapped inside a train stopped at the Tall Oaks Station. She pleaded to the agents to let her out so she could find someone named Peter. The woman forced her way out of the train as Leon and Helena pulled the door open. Desperate to escape the subway and save Peter, she opened the shutter blocking the exit and was promptly killed by a horde of zombies.


Further notes[]

  • It is implied by Chekov's Gun that she is related to another person in Tall Oaks that day, named Peter.



  1. The Official Complete Guide refers to this woman as the "passenger" (乗客 jōkyaku?). She is also referred to as a "survivor" (生存者 seizon-sha?).
  1. Osada (ed.), Official Complete Guide, p.091.