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Patricio was a Spanish neopagan and possible paramilitary who was involved in the organisation, Los Iluminados.


Patricio's early life is unknown. He may have been native to the remote Spanish mountain region Los Iluminados' power base arose, or was recruited from elsewhere. What is known is that he escaped the 2004 USSTRATCOM raid on their stronghold which saw the collapse of its leadership.

Patricio spent an unknown length of time following this incident working as a drug dealer and a mole for American intelligence organisations, particularly the Division of Security Operations. In 2014 he was approached by The Family for information on a DSO investigation into their activities, and provided them with enough information to lure several police officers and government employees towards a carbomb.[1]

In the months following the operation, Patricio was approached by representatives of Glenn Arias, a former CIA agent who had become a black market B.O.W. dealer. Arias and Los Iluminados shared their desire for vengeance against the United States, and Los Iluminados provided Plaga parasites for Arias' research. Fearing for the safety of his wife and daughter, Patricio tracked down DSO agent Leon S. Kennedy to a hotel for help. Kennedy was known to Los Iluminados as one of the agents who took part in the 2004 raid, and was also present in the carbombing. Patricio was shot in an attack on the hotel by one of Arias' agents, Diego Gómez, and died before he could give sufficient information.[1]

Further notes[]

  • Patricio's scene was originally scripted to take place in Spain, and have Leon meet his wife before he is killed in a gunfight on a highway.[2]


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