Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Patrick was the servant and loyal butler of Sir Oswell E. Spencer.

Part of a family of servants who long served the Spencer Estate, Patrick spent most of his adult life taking care of Spencer in his European estate including preparing meals and managing day to day tasks. Because of his loyalty, he was entrusted by Spencer with experiments on the test subjects located in the estate's basement. Because of his devotion in serving his master, Patrick carried the experiments out, though he did ponder the ethical implications about what he was doing, but could not question Spencer.

As Spencer grew old and sick, Patrick was given his final assignment: to reveal his location to Albert Wesker. Patrick accomplished his task through Ricardo Irving, a man who had connections to a female spy who worked with Albert. He was afterward released from his duty as Spencer's butler. Though remorseful and wondering what would happen to his master, Patrick nevertheless obeyed Spencer and left, unsure about what he would do now that he had nothing in life.

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