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For Oswell E. Spencer's loyal butler, see Patrick (RE5).
"Qualified? More like lucky. The only reason he's the golden boy now is because he was in the wrong place at the right time."
— Patrick to Shenmei

Patrick is a rookie U.S. agent with very little experience in intelligence activities.[1]


Patrick joined the agency recently and is a rookie with little experience. He considers Leon Scott Kennedy to just be a lucky man and he looks up to Jason for his heroism act back in Penamstan.

In the year 2006, a hacking incident occurs on a top secret White House file. The four agents are invited to the White House to investigate the incident with the investigation overseen by President Graham himself, his Chief of Staff, Ryan, and his Defense Secretary, Wilson. The meeting takes place in the Oval Office without Leon due to him responding to a recent terrorist incident in Pittsburgh.

The power goes out and when the back-ups fail to turn on, it becomes clear the mole from the previous night is still in the White House. The three agents leave the Oval Office to search for the mole, with Patrick running into Press Secretary Spacer, who has been mauled by an unidentified assailant. When he goes into cardiac arrest, Patrick prepares to resuscitate him only for Spacer to wake-up and attack him. Patrick is unprepared for this, and is almost bitten until Leon shoots him. Leon, Shenmei and Jason begin scouring the White House for Zombies, while Patrick is sent down into the bunker as Graham's protection while Metro SWAT are called in as back-up just in case.

Sometime later, while the stage is being prepared for the conference, Patrick gets a call from Leon telling him about their recent discovery. As the president approaches the podium ready to give his speech, he is stopped by Patrick and informs him of Wilson's involvement resulting in him set aside the prepared speech and talks of his adoration of the Penamstani people for laying down their arms in search of a better future.

He then catches up to Leon, commending him for his survival in the submarine, the underground research facility and that he saved everyone with him helping the president steering the country into the right path but he tells him that he was just lucky.



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