Patrick's Memoirs 1 is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 5.



For a time, it appeared as if Master Spencer would recover his former health, but fate was not so kind, and now he confines himself to his study for days on end. It has been ages since I have seen him take his meals in the dining hall. I have endeavored to prepare meals to his liking, and I bring them every day to the study. Unfortunately, he lacks the strength to eat anything but soup and other liquids.

I cannot recall a time in the history of this household when the situation was as dire as now. In generations past, the Spencer Estate was the nexus for only the most well-to-do European socialites. Now only a skeleton staff remains to look after a man who keeps himself in virtual seclusion at one of his many residences.

My family has been in the Spencer household's service since the time of his great grandfather. This rapid state of decline would have been unimaginable even just one generation prior.

I remember fondly the days of my youth; but that seems like a lifetime ago now. It was almost 50 years ago, back when my father was the head butler of the household. At that time I was learning his duties in preparation to succeed him, and there was always some chore or errand that would keep me running around the house.

I remember how Lord Ashford, another aristocrat from a storied family, and one of Master Spencer's schoolmates, Doctor Marcus, would find refuge from the summer heat at this villa. My father and I would accompany them and do our utmost to see that they wanted for nothing.

Perhaps because I was the youngest person there, they would take to teasing me. Though, more often than not they would treat me as one of them. I remember the time Lord Ashford gave me my first taste of brandy. It was on the second floor of the dining hall, beside the stone statues lining the room. I will never forget the mellifluous scent when he opened the bottle. But those cherished times are only memories now.

Lord Ashford, Doctor Marcus, and of course, my father have all already passed on. Only Master Spencer remains, and I am afraid his days may be few.

When Master Spencer dies, it will mark the end of his illustrious family, as well as my family's service to his. For now, I can only wait for the inevitable.








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