DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)
"Shut her down, dammit!"

Paul DiGennaro, also known as "Deej", was a member of Umbrella's Security Division. He was a familiar of Alice Abernathy.[1]


He survived the initial phases of the global T-virus pandemic, residing with Dr. Sam Isaacs at the Umbrella base in Nevada. In 2007, he was assigned with picking up Zomboids for use in experimentation.[2] When each clone of Alice Abernathy was killed, Isaacs would order blood samples to be collected for vaccine synthesis; DiGennaro's role in the experiment was to restrain Zomboids awaiting vaccination.[3]

Isaacs brought DiGennaro along on a mission to apprehend Alice, basing his team on the rooftop of a building in Las Vegas. Alice managed to track down their location and threw a kukri at one of the security guards; the guard shot DiGenarro and a tech as he died.[1]


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