"It's too late, nothing can save her now. All you can do is put an end to her suffering."
— RE.NET description

Pax Aeterna 22, known in Japan as Save her Soul 22 (彼女の魂を救え22 Kanojo no tamashī o sukue 22?) was an online event for Resident Evil 6, hosted by RE.NET from 18–29 October 2018. Pax Aeterna was listed as an "EX3 costume unlock event".


-1,000 medals earned across all players.
-The medals valid for this event are as follows:
Made it to the cathedral (Leon chapter 2)
Solved the mysteries of the cathedral (Leon chapter 2)
Relieved Deborah of her suffering (Leon chapter 2)
Acquired Simmons' ring (Ada chapter 2)
Gave Simmons' ring to Leon (Ada chapter 2)
Obtained information about your doppelganger (Ada chapter 2)
Killed all enemies in front of the cathedral (Leon chapter 2)
Saved one or more survivors in the cathedral (Leon chapter 2)
Killed 5 zombies while in the minecart (Leon chapter 2 / Ada chapter 2)
All other medals and enemy kills are not valid for this event.
- No difficulty setting limits.
- No single / multiplayer limits.


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