"It's too late, nothing can save her now. All you can do is put an end to her suffering."
— RE.NET description

Pax Aeterna 23, known in Japan as Save her Soul 23 (彼女の魂を救え23 Kanojo no tamashī o sukue 23?) was an online event for Resident Evil 6, hosted by RE.NET from 01.24.2019 - 02.04.2019. Pax Aeterna was listed as an "EX3 costume unlock event".


Participation conditions

Users who have acquired at least one of the target medals during the event.

  • 1,000 medals earned across all players.
  • The medals valid for this event are as follows:
    • Made it to the cathedral (Leon chapter 2)
    • Solved the mysteries of the cathedral (Leon chapter 2)
    • Relieved Deborah of her suffering (Leon chapter 2)
    • Acquired Simmons' ring (Ada chapter 2)
    • Gave Simmons' ring to Leon (Ada chapter 2)
    • Obtained information about your doppelganger (Ada chapter 2)
    • Killed all enemies in front of the cathedral (Leon chapter 2)
    • Saved one or more survivors in the cathedral (Leon chapter 2)
    • Killed 5 zombies while in the minecart (Leon chapter 2 / Ada chapter 2)
  • All other medals and enemy kills are not valid for this event.
  • No difficulty setting limits.
  • No single / multiplayer limits.

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