See also: Dirty Pearl Pendant
"It's in pretty good condition. Looks valuable."
— Item examination

The Pearl Pendants are treasure items in Resident Evil 4. They are each worth 10,000₧.


There are two pendants that can be found in game. One is in the Farm first obtainable in Chapter 1-1 hanging above a well. You must close the wooden lid below the first pendant before shooting it down, otherwise it will fall in the dirty water and become the cheaper Dirty Pearl Pendant. The other is in Chapter 5-4 after Mike's helicopter is blown up. It must be shot down.

Further notes

It is possible to take the pendant before it drops into the well after it is shot down if the action button is pressed fast enough or by both closing the lid and knocking down the pendant at the same time, either with a shotgun blast or an explosion.



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