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In the Story Mode, Mutant Pedro has a health value of 6000 in Claire Episode 2, increasing to 7000 if appearing in Barry's segment. Pedro appears in several Raid Mode stages with even higher health values. In Dungeon VI-06, his health varies between 147,000-259,875 depending on difficulty, and Dungeon VII-05 at 99,750-259,875, also varying by difficulty.[1]


Attack Damage Description
Kesagiri (袈裟斬り)[note 1] 350
Walk and horizontal swing (踏みこみ横振り) 400
Down swing (振り下ろし) 400
Up swing (振り上げ) 400
Ranbu attack (乱舞攻撃)[note 2] 350x3
Swing (振りまわし) 350x2
Stab (突き) Instant Death
Walk and stab (踏みこみ突き) Instant Death
Run and stab (突進突き) Instant Death
  1. "Kesagiri" is the Japanese word referring to the slashing of a sword in a diagonal fashion from the shoulder.
  2. "Ranbu" is a Japanese word referring to a boisterous form of dance. It is made up individually of the Kanji "Ran" (乱), meaning "riotous" or "disturbed", and "Bu" (舞)" meaning "dance".


Pedro's behavior and attacks are very similar to the Chainsaw Ganado and Chainsaw Majini in that his attacks can be unpredictable and deal heavy damage. He tends to swing his drill wildly when approaching the player which can be used to defeat nearby Afflicted and will enter a berserk state if damaged enough. His most dangerous attack involves him charging at the player and impaling them with the drill, this causes instant death if not avoided.

The battle against Pedro in Claire's chapter is not mandatory and it is not recommended to attempt to beat him on a first playthrough as the player can expend a lot of ammo and herbs trying to take him down. He is also supported by respawning Afflicted which further complicates the battle, however he can kill them with his swings. Killing Pedro in the first encounter will earn the trophy/achievement "Pedro I'm Sorry" and skip the encounter in Barry's chapter.

If the player does not defeat Pedro as Claire, then he must be fought in Barry's chapter in order to claim the drill. The fight takes place in an apartment building with several connecting rooms, whilst the player can escape Pedro this way, he is capable of destroying the walls. It is possible to briefly incapacitate Pedro if his drill gets stuck in a wall.

Players can defeat Pedro with standard gunfire or by destroying the eye growths on his body. In addition to conserving ammo, killing him by only destroying his eyes unlocks an award. The eye growths must be destroyed in a specific order. As Barry, Natalia can identify which eye to shoot as it will appear as a dark yellow spot The order of which eye is vulnerable is random each time Pedro is fought. Smoke grenades can confuse him and make avoiding him easier.

Raid Mode

Fighting Pedro in Raid Mode is identical to the boss fight against him in Story mode. However he becomes much more resilient to firearms and melee attacks. Players are advised to focus on destroying his eye weakpoints, destroying them all will instantly defeat him, regardless of how much damage he has taken.

Pedro appears in the later stages in Raid Mode and can often be encountered in the daily mission.



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