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The Penal Colony was a large prison complex on Sejm Island. Likely built by the Soviet Union during the island's hey-day, it was long abandoned by the time of Alex Wesker's Overseership on the island. After being abducted from the TerraSave event they were attending in 2011, Claire Redfield awoke in a dilapidated cell in the building's lower dwellings and discovered a bracelet attached to her wrist. Upon regaining consciousness, Claire's cell (along with the others) opened suddenly, prompting her to venture out. After escaping her holding, she overheard a commotion from a distance away. Once she tracked it down she found that Moira Burton was the source of the noise and, similar to Claire, had a matching bracelet. While trying to find a way to free her, Moira's cell opened and the two were contacted by a mysterious female voice from their bracelets. Prompted by her cryptic statements, the duo pressed forward through the abandon prison, bearing witness to multiple sights and sounds that hinted they weren't alone.

Six-months later, Barry Burton arrives at Sejm Island and goes through the Penal Colony with Natalia Korda in search for Moira.

Inside the Penal Colony there are the two following locations:

Further notes

The prison's name is only tentative, and is known as such due to Alex Wesker's fondness of Franz Kafka's work In the Penal Colony.

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