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The Penamstan Conspiracy (tentative) is a series of incidents plotted by rogue elements of the Graham Administration to convince President Graham into forming an anti-Chinese alliance in South Asia with the ultimate goal of forcing Penamstan, a country bordering China, into an alliance with the US. From there, the Penamstan's military was to be infected with a modified t-Virus strain that would make them highly effective in combat while also rendering them totally dependent on the US to supply the medication to prevent zombification.


Following the White House Incident, the plotters plan to use LAN server relating to China's bio-weapons facility in Shanghai as a lead to investigate with the president announcing it to be a top-secret operation upon Wilson's suggestion and persuasion.[1]


Attack On Virginia-Class Submarine[]

Submarine Virginia

Agents Kennedy, Jason and Shenmei are flown out to Guam and board one of the new Virginia-class submarines which are equipped with SONAR stealth and modified ASDS at Apra Harbor with the goal to infiltrate the Shanghai facility and seize any evidence pertaining to the hacking and the recent viral incident.[1]

Sometime during the course, a mutated rat that managed to board on the vessel before the trip kills a crewmember. The submarine unexpectedly rocked and tilted, forcing agents Kennedy and Jason to rapidly head up to the bridge to investigate. Once there, they found the slaughtered crew. Jason directed Kennedy to the engineering section while he meets en route with Shenmei to vessel's midget submarine an Advanced SEAL Delivery System. The two agents encountered the surviving crewman and tells them to isolate the rooms as a temporary measure for safety. Once they have done so, the pair murder the crew members and aboard on the vessel.[2]

Virginia Exploded

The Vessel's Destruction

Elsewhere, Kennedy arrives at the engineering section and discovers that all the engineers have also been killed by mutated rats with their bodies burrowed and used as a feeding ground. The 5 minutes self-destruct sequence for the vessel soon initiated, one corpse starts to spew out hordes of rats which forces Kennedy to lock and run through other compartments. Kennedy is soon cornered by other hordes of rats but manages to electrocute them using the surrounded environment. Once the agent arrived at the midget submarine, he discovers the murdered crew. When Kennedy reaches the ASDS, Shenmei puts a gun to his head but as they are deep-pressurized environment is ordered by Jason to take Kennedy as a prisoner instead. The agents all leave the vessel unharmed.[2]

Shortly after, Wilson uses the submarine's destruction as another point to further convince him with the alliance with the point that they received an SOS signal an hour before but have not heard any responses then and an Chinese fleet was found near their last ping.

Shanghai Incident[]

Shanghai City

The agents arrives at one of the safe house in Shanghai and begins to unpack weapons and ammos hidden inside but not before Kennedy sneaking a glance towards Shenmei's knife, finding the rear edges to be stained with blood. Agent Kennedy and Jason starts a discussion revolving around the true goal that him and Shenmei are after. The discussion turns violent once neither can't convince the other, Shenmei returns to the apartment and eavesdrops the discussion. A gunfight soon ensues with Kennedy managed to shoot and fatally wound Jason with the time given to Shenmei for her to escape and go on a run.[2]

Outside Shanghai

Shenmei manages to arrive at her grandfather's house outside of Shanghai and is welcomed inside by her family's secretary. Unbeknownst to her, Kennedy tracks her down and enters the manor, he bursts into the room holding the secretary in hostage and demanding an explanation. At gunpoint, she explains the situation and reveals that she has been working alongside Jason to find evidence to publicly out Wilson for conspiring to deploy bio-weapons back in Penamstan Civil War.

She reveals to him that after six years of investigating, the pair found out a computer chip planted on Jun Shī when he was infected, which takes biometric data on behalf of the B.O.W. manufacturer that they might identify. Not long after, the manor was air-bombed and is destroyed within minutes, killing all the inhabits saving for Kennedy and Shenmei, who managed to escape on time.

Destroyed Shanghai Manor

The escaped pair stands before the ruins of the manor with Shenmei begging Kennedy to help her into exposing the conspiracy but Kennedy is unwilling to commit such act. He manages to deduce that Jason was pursuing a goal different from Shenmei's and is in fact still alive.[3]

Andrews Air Force Facility Incident[]

Andrews Facility

Meanwhile, an member of the NGO organization TerraSave and a civilian named Claire Redfield has been conducting her own investigations into the Mad Dogs unit and Penamstan. She was deemed as a threat by Wilson and is kidnapped by Secret Service agents, Redfield is brought to an research facility situated underground the Andrews Air Force base, where they were conducting research into creating super-soldiers.

From there, Wilson reveals his true goal that by declaring China to be a rogue state it would be in Penamstan's best interests to continue American presence. To protect it from China, the Penamstan military would be provided with bioweapons in the form of hundreds of super-soldiers, each effectively enslaved by their dependence on regular doses of an antiretroviral drug only he can provide and which Penamstan will have to make constant orders for, making him vastly wealthy in the process. Jason arrives at facility on an upper level and is welcomed by Wilson.

Dumping Waste Andrew

Meanwhile, Agent Kennedy and Shenmei return to Washington with the intent to apprehend Jason. From there, they witness that Jason has failed to take his medication and mutates out of control. Wilson himself is seriously injured and infected after being crushed against a capsule. The facility's supercomputer determines a biohazard has taken place, and begins to dump the unconscious soldiers into a vat of highly corrosive acids where they are killed one by one. The mutated soldier flips the gantry that they stood on, sending Kennedy flying and Shenmei landing at his feet. She pleads Jason to rethink about his plan but is killed as he intends to emerge on the surface and massacre the attendants on live TV.

Jason Boom

Kennedy saves Redfield after noticing that the corrosive acid has reached to her floor. He directs her to the control room and asks to buy some time. Kennedy proceeds to head to the upper floor and grabs a bazooka and tries to stop Jason. Redfield takes control of the facility's cranes and attempts to drop Jason below. Both of these attempts are failed however, and Jason counters, with Kennedy almost being knocked into the acid and Redfield almost crushed by debris thrown into the control room. Kennedy manage to catch up and pulls a lever that send their section falling into the acid with him escaping by grabbing hold of a hook and Jason pummelling down the submerged acid below and impaled on iron rods.

As the acid begins to recede, Kennedy finds Jason in a near death state with Jason bidding his last words to him before falling into the corroded acid below and finally dissolving.[4]


The conspiracy is foiled with the help of Patrick, who Kennedy manages to inform of the news and discoveries. The rookie agent informs of Kennedy's findings to Graham including Wilson's involvement and his role as an orchestrator of the entire operation. Realizing the proxy conflict with China was all Wilson's idea, Graham puts aside the prepared speech and instead talks of his adoration of the Penamstani people for laying down their arms in search of a better future, with the US only helping them with aid for now on.

Elsewhere, an infected Wilson reaches a hideout with one of his allies in the Secret Service. He is now reliant on the Inhibitor he created to prevent runaway mutation with the inhibitor supplied from TRICELL.

Kennedy and Redfield meet sometime later with his refusal to give the chip to the press in favor of purging corruption within the government rather than being a leaker. Redfield is disappointed in his decision to support yet another cover-up, and departs.[4]


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