"Perfect Aim" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1]


The Mimicry Marcus, after sustaining enough damage, breaks up into a swarm of leeches and begins swarming a terrified Rebecca Chambers, only for gunshots to cause the swarm to collapse off of Rebecca without harming her. She then collapses and notices that Billy Coen was the one who fired the gun. Two leeches then recover and try to lunge at Billy, only for him to jump to the side and shoot the leeches, landing a direct hit, with the remaining leeches retreating. Upon getting up he then checks up on Rebecca, who confirms she is okay with a thumbs up. However, they then hear mysterious singing. Just outside the window on a cliff side during a storm, a mysterious young man is seen singing and the leeches are coming towards him, with a brief flash of lightning giving a brief glimpse of the features of the figure.


BILLY: Are you OK?

ビリー: 大丈夫か?

BILLY: Are you OK?


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