Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"What're you, crazy?! Spare the heroics; she's just slowing us down, anyway!"
— Peter to cop after he saved his girlfriend

Peter was one of the Tall Oaks survivors during the Tall Oaks bioterror incident. He and his girlfriend, Nancy with the help of Leon S. Kennedy and Helena Harper reached the inside of a gunshop where they defended it alongside a rookie police officer. Peter routinely tried to ascert his dominance over the group and seemed unconcerned for the lives of the other survivors, even refusing to assist his girlfriend when a zombie attacked her and eventually stealing her firearm in a last-ditch effort to survive - by deserting the group to fend for himself. He was attacked by a zombie outside the gunshop and managed to kill it. His celebration was short lived, however as the zombie mutated into a stronger and more aggressive form and immediately killed him.

Further notes

In the subway, there is a woman trapped in a train car who screams that she needs to find Peter. Whether this is the same Peter, or a completely different Peter, is unknown.

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