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Phantom is an enemy that was planned to appear in Resident Evil 4, it was present in its "Stylish" stage of development. When this version became Devil May Cry, Phantom was kept as an enemy, however his design was slightly changed to accommodate to the new story. Originally, Phantom was to appear simply as a deformed spider bleeding out, but was changed to be on-fire and covered in lava.[1][excerpt 1][2]

Further notes[]

DMC The Animated Series - Phantom bleeds blood

Phantom featured in the opening of Devil May Cry: The Animated Series.

  • In Devil May Cry, Phantom bleeds lava when he is hit during gameplay and when he dies in a cutscene, however, in the opening of Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, Phantom is seen bleeding blood instead of lava, which could be a reference to his initial development.
  • In Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2, two other games also directed by Hideki Kamiya, the summon "Phantasmaraneae" has the exact same design as Phantom, some of its attack animations and even sound effects are also based on Phantom's.



  1. Do any of the demons in "DMC" have noticeable traces of their origins as B.O.W.'s for "RE"?
    Takeyasu: As far as design goes, Beelzebub was completely unchanged. However, its polygon count was much lower than when the game was "RE 4". The same goes for Blade, minus the armor. It was originally a Hunter for "RE". You know how Phantom has flames running through its body? In "RE 4", that was going to be blood instead. Also, if you just make Griffon a bit more ragged-looking, that's basically his "RE 4" design. As soon as we switched to "DMC", we were told to patch up our monsters. Give them some first aid, if you will. They were originally zombie-like creatures, so we had to extract that zombie virus and make them healthy again. (laughs)
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