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The Sales Office (製薬会社営業所?) is an area of Uptown District of Raccoon City featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.



Once Jill enter the Sales Office, a cutscene will play. There are two different cutscenes that may play at that point. Depending on where Jill met Carlos:

  • If Jill met Carlos at the Grill 13 Restaurant, Nikolai Zinoviev appears here and encounters a semi-infected Murphy Seeker, who asks for help. Nikolai shoots him dead without hesitation. After that Nikolai will stay in the room for exploring the corpse with his laptop.
  • If Jill met Carlos in the Raccoon Press, Carlos appears here and has a dialogue with Murphy, who asks Carlos to shoot him. At first, he was hesitant to do so, but eventually complies. saddened by the fact that he has to kill his close friend, Carlos quickly leaves.

There is a closed door in this room. "Chemicals Storage. Access to the storage is controlled by the computer." it reads. To open that door Jill must use the remote control to turn on the TV to watch the password, that can be inputed at the computer. Adravil, Aqua Cure and Safsprin are the possible passwords. While watching the ad of those drugs, Promo Girl is seen on the screen.

After returning to this room with the Oil Additive, the room is flooded by zombies and the dead body of Murphy is gone. The windows of that room are broken by zombies too.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking Nikolai while he's examine Murphy body (Depend on choice) Nicholai is examining the mercenary using his PC. ニコライは端末機を使用して傭兵の死体を調べている
Checking Nikolai's PC It's Nicholai's PC. Too bad it's broken. ニコライが使っていた端末機だ 血のりでこわれてしまっている
Row of files Nothing that attracts any special attention here. 特に目につくものはない
Vials Empty Vials. 薬のビンが置いてある サプリメントのようだ
Whiteboard "Sales overview for the quarter." “今期の売上げ状況”
Catalogs Product catalog and company brochures. 製品カタログと会社案内が置いてある
Door to the Chemical Storage (Before entering the Password)

"Chemical Storage" 

"Access to the storage is controlled by the computer."




TV It's a TV monitor. The main power is on. TVモニターだ 主電源が入ったままになっている
Remote for the Umbrella advertisement Will you use the remote control? Yes/No リモコンを使いますか? Yes/No