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Première classe Philippe was a soldier in the French military. He was involved in the incident at Loire village in 1998.


As a young adult, Philippe was heavily involved in the drugs trade, as well as extortion robbery. At the behest of his younger brother, Paul, he put that life behind and joined the army. Assigned to a UN mission in Africa with his brother in 1995, Philippe continued to get involved in drugs. On night he took Paul out with several local women and crashed their vehicle due to alcohol and drug intoxication, killing Paul. After the funeral at the base, he swore off drugs.[2][3] He was subsequently transferred back to mainland France and assigned to an army air unit in the south of France.

In late 1998, the French military made an agreement with Umbrella Pharmaceuticals to allow shipment of a Golgotha Virus sample to their facility under a castle near Loire in exchange for preferential treatment in the sale of Bio Organic Weapons. The plan went awry when a t-Virus outbreak occurred at the lab, spreading out to the village. Philippe's unit, under Capitaine Jacob, was sent out on a helicopter with orders to burn down the village to stop the spread of infection in a mission dubbed "Operation: Loire Tiger".[1] When a woman was spotted on the ground, the helicopter landed to pick her up. Surrounded by monsters, the team and the woman traveled over to the Loire castle, on the instructions of a woman claiming to be with the nearby police in Lisieux. Entering the castle, Philippe was assigned to watch over the woman, who the team quickly understood to be Ada Wong, a woman known to French military intelligence. When fellow soldier Première classe Gaston died from a falling injury while shooting at something, the two realised the castle was dangerous and inhabited by mutants. Fleeing to a saloon, they ran into Dr. Christine Henry, a Comtesse and owner of the castle. She revealed that she was part of a noble family that co-founded Umbrella Pharmaceuticals, that she was an executive of its France branch, and that she was the supposed police officer on the radio. Dr. Henry accused Wong of causing the outbreak in stealing the Golgotha sample, but was soon set upon by Capitaine Jacob, who forced her out of a window. Jacob then held Wong at gunpoint to get the sample, and threatened to kill her if Philippe would not search her alive. He then assaulted his CO, allowing Wong to escape with his submachinegun.

Catching up to Wong a courtyard, the two found themselves descending into the castle's laboratory complex. There, they found it had fallen to the t-Virus, and its research staff already Zombified. Forcing their way through, Wong led him to a platform where an escape train could be boarded. Just before reaching the platform, Philippe was slashed by a Licker and, bleeding out, insist Wong simply give up the sample to him. Doing so, she escaped on the train, while he infected himself with the virus. Finding Jacob had also reached the lab, Philippe reported in the success of the mission, and killed him after mutating into a G. Philippe was himself killed when the complex self-destructed.


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