Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Philosophy University Incident (tentative) was a biohazardous outbreak that occurred in the Philosophy University located in Australia.


After the US government covered up the death of Tyler Howard to serve in US-STRATCOM, his father, ex-Umbrella researcher Dr. Liam Howard, became obsessive in finding a way to revive him. In his research he created a modified t-Virus through contact with DNA from an ancient corpse recovered from Ireland's Ulster province. After his laboratory was closed, Howard moved to Western Australia after a proposal by Ezra Sennett to alter the DNA of students and staff to create geniuses.


In early 2010 Professor Howard began abducting students to be used in bio-weapons research. Taking them to his lab within the university, they were put in comas and placed within capsules where they were infected with his modified t-Virus strain. Unaware of Howard's involvement, Ezra Sennett hired corrupt police officer Barrington Meyer to investigate, bribed to keep it out of the papers. The BSAA became interested in the university, and sent Dr. Rebecca Chambers to serve as their eyes and ears.

On August 12 the t-Virus was released, leading to infected students quickly taking over the university. BSAA agents Chris Redfield; Piers Nivans and Sophie Home entered the university, with a squad of the Oceania Branch quarantining from outside.



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