Phone Call from Annette to Sherry 1 is an audio file in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.



ManRaccoon East Elementary

Annette: Hello, I'm Annette Birkin.

Man: Oh, Sherry's mother. What can I do for you?

Annette: I'd like to speak with my daughter right away.

Man: She's in class right now...

Annette: It's an emergency!

Man: O-Ok. I'll get her right away.

Sherry Birkin: Mom?

Annette: Sherry, honey! I have something very important to tell you, so I want you to listen very carefully. You need to do exactly as I say, ok?

Sherry: Ok...

Annette: I need you to leave school and go home right away. Tell your teacher it's got to do with mommy's job and that you have to leave right away. Can you be home in 30 minutes?

Sherry: I suppose... But why? Did something happen?

Annette: We don't have time for questions, honey. I'll explain everything to you at home. Now, please just trust me and do as I say.

Sherry: ...Ok.

Annette: I'll call you when you get home. Now hurry!

Man: 「ラクーン小学校です」

Annette: 「アネット・バーキンです」

Man: 「シェリーちゃんのお母様? いつもお世話に…」

Annette: 「娘を出してください緊急なんです」

Man: 「今    授業中ですが…」

Annette: 「緊急なのよ!」

Man: 「わ… 分かりました」

Sherry Birkin: 「ママ?」

Annette: 「シェリー! 今から大切なことを言うわ」

Sherry: 「うん…」

Annette: 「今すぐ早退して家に帰りなさい」
「いい? 今すぐよ30分で行けるわよね?」

Sherry: 「うん… でも    なんで? どうしたの?」

Annette: 「今は話す時間がないの」
「家でしか    お話はできないのよ」

Sherry: 「分かった」

Annette: 「あなたが家に着く頃に連絡するわ」

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