Phone Call from Annette to Sherry 2 is a sound file in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


Sherry Birkin: "Mom?"

Annette Birkin: "Oh good, you made it home."

Sherry: "Mom, what's wrong?"

Annette: "Listen carefully honey."

Sherry: "Alright..."

Annette: "In a little while... maybe about an hour or so, people in the city are going to start to panic. There will be a lot of fires and people will start fighting. There's been an accident, so people will be confused. But don't worry, you're going to be OK. I'm going to tell you a safe place to go and I need you to go there, OK?"

Sherry: "Mom, wait! What's going to happen? Where are you? And, and... What about my friends at school?"

Annette: "We don't have time, I'll explain everything later, sweetie. Look, our house won't be safe anymore so here what I need you to do. There's a white jewelry box on the dresser in mommy's bedroom. I want you to take the necklace with you. Then leave the house and go to the police station. You should be able take Flower Road, but if it's too dangerous, I want you to take the back way."

Sherry: "Dangerous...?"

Annette: "There will be a lot of confused people in town and some of them may be angry. Sherry, this is very important. Stay away from everyone. Even if you see your friends or your teachers on the way, don't get close to them, alright?"

Sherry: "..."

Annette: "Sherry?"

Sherry: "...OK... I won't get close to anyone..."

Annette: "That's a good girl. Once you get inside police station you'll be safe. That's where I'll meet you. Sherry, you can do it. Trust me."

Sherry: "OK... Please hurry mommy. I don't want to be by myself....."

Annette: "Of course, sweetie. Now, go."

Sherry: "Mommy! Where is Dadd--"

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