Phone Call from Annette to Sherry 3 is an audio log file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.


  • Sherry: Please...pick up the phone...! Mom !?
  • Annette: Sherry, I'm sorry. I'm running a little late.
  • Sherry: There's no one at the police station ! Where is everyone? What is going on !?
  • Annette: Are you OK? You're not hurt are you ?
  • Sherry: On the way here was really strange ! Everything was a mess, but there was no people around. Where is everyone? What's going on, mommy !?
  • Annette: Sherry, just calm down and listen to me, OK? ? Something terrible is happening. The reason the city is like this has to do with mommy's job. But it wasn't my fault. It wasn't anyone's fault. There was an accident...yes, a really big accident. But don't be scared honey, if you stay in the Police Station, you'll be safe. Mommy is going to keep you safe, that I promise you.
  • Sherry: ...Where's daddy ? Is he with you in the lab ? Is he OK ? He hasn't called and he didn't come home last night either. Are you there ?
  • Annette: ...I'm sure Daddy is already in a safe place. We'll be able to meet him when everything calms down.
  • Sherry: You promise ?
  • Annette: I promise. Just trust me, sweetie.
  • Sherry: OK, I trust you...I just wanted to hear this...M-Mommy ?
  • Annette: What's wrong ?
  • Sherry: I heard something...A strange sound, like...a monster growling...!
  • Annette: Oh my god, already ?...Sherry, where are you exactly !?
  • Sherry: What do you mean ?
  • Annette: Which phone are you calling from !?
  • Sherry: Uh... Um, it looks like the front desk...There's a big statue of a woman.
  • Annette: Listen to me. Go up to the 2nd floor and find a place to hide, there should be a room with heavy doors. Get inside that room, hide and then stay very quiet.
  • Sherry: OK... What about you mommy ?
  • Annette: I'm going there too. Do not get near anyone until I get there. Even if someone comes in that room, just keep hiding and stay very quiet. Don't talk to anyone, OK ?
  • Sherry: Mom... Hurry.
  • Annette: ...I will honey, I promise, I love you.

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