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"Photo Analysis Acquisition Route Unknown" (写真分析入手経路不明 Shashin bunseki nyūshu keiro fumei?) is the literal translation of a filename in the BSAA's mainframe. The file itself, when opened, is titled Property photos (Research acquisition route: unknown) (研究施設の写真(入手経路:不明) Kenkyū shisetsu no shashin (nyūshu keiro: Fumei)?). It includes the unimaginitively-named "untitled.jpg", which is a photograph of a Sonnentreppe flower.


Photo of research facilities (Acquisition route: Unknown)

While blurred, it is presumed to have been taken in a biolab.
Although the route it was obtained is unknown, since it was given with information from trusted routes it has been evaluated as Rank A information.

It is conceivable the plants in the central cylinder are the main subject of research.
This is the Asteraceae plant, "Sonnentreppe", native to Africa.
Until the 1960s it was a plant that could only be found in Africa, but from the 1970s onwards, due to its ease and vitality in cultivation it has been grown all over the world.
Up to this point, there have been no reports of "Sonnentreppe" containing toxic substances; narcotic properties, or other substances with unique properties.
It is unlikely to develop bioweapons from the raw materials, but a conclusion can not be reached from this photograph alone.

Acknowledge the need for ongoing information gathering, and ongoing evaluation.


入手ルートは秘匿されているが、 信頼できるルートからの情報とだけ申し渡されているため、 情報評価の対象ランクAに分類される案件である。

1960年代まではアフリカでしか見られなかった植物ではあるが、1970年代以降は、栽培のしやすさと逞しい生命力から、 世界中で栽培されるようになった。

継続的な情報収集と、 継続評価の必要性を認める。