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"Helena's unique starting weapon is similiar to the Nine-Oh-Nine but can fire an additional round before reloading. Like the Nine-Oh-Nine, the Picador should be used until you find stronger weapons or are otherwise out of ammo."

The Picador is a 9mm handgun that appears in Resident Evil 6. It is the starting weapon of U.S. agent Helena Harper alongside the Hydra.


Alternate Fire None
Shots Per Clip 16
Power 160
Critical Chance 6
Reload Speed A
Firing Speed A-

This unique handgun offers the highest firepower out of all handguns in the game. Compared to the Nine-Oh-Nine, it has an additional round loaded before needing to reload. This weapon however, slightly lacks the fast firing speed coupled with its lack of special ability similar to the Nine-Oh-Nine. Furthermore, this handgun features the lowest critical chance out of all handguns in-game.

Like any other handgun, this weapon's main advantage is the ammo stacking. The player can stack 9mm ammo up to 150 bullets without sacrificing medicinal items and grenades.

In The Mercenaries, it is used by Helena in her default costume alongside the Hydra and the Grenade Launcher loaded with Acid rounds in her default load-out. It is also used by Carla Radames in her costume alongside the same Grenade Launcher loaded with Explosive, Acid and Nitrogen rounds. The weapon is also used by Piers Nivans in his alternate costume as a backup weapon in Survivors and Predator, alongside his Armor-Piercing Rifle.