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"I'm right there with you Captain, but your personal vendetta isn't going to get us anywhere!"
— Piers, to Chris.

Piers Nivans (c.1987-1 July 2013) was a soldier in the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), a UN-controlled military devoted to combating bioterrorism. A former soldier in the US Army, Nivans was placed in the BSAA's Special Operations Unit within the North American branch. Throughout his career, Nivans served under Cpt. Chris Redfield, whose high security rating allowed the two to participate in investigations outside of North America. Nivans was killed in July 2013 when an underwater research complex self-destructed.


Early life[]

Raised into a multi-generational military family going back to his great-grandfather, as the first-born son Nivans made joining the US Army his life's goal throughout his childhood.[6] Nivans qualified for Army Special Forces training, where he developed his skills as a sniper. However, during this training he began to question his purpose in the Army.[6] In 2010, Nivans was scouted by Cpt. Chris Redfield, an SOA who had recently requested reassignment to the SOU, where he hoped to personally train new recruits. Nivans accepted the offer, and became part of Cpt. Redfield's regular team within the North American branch.[6] During this time he visited the BSAA Far East Branch's training academy with his new CO to observe the next class of recruits undergoing basic training. He took notice of one trainee, Merah Biji, a BSAA researcher who requested reassignment. Though she had excelled in her year-long physical training, Nivans was quick to beat her in sparring due to his longer training, and used it to teach her about complacency and how there will always be someone stronger to fight.[7][8]

Philosophy University Incident[]

Biohazard the stage 07

Nivans with Home, Redfield and Chambers

Nivans' earliest known mission took place in August 2010. Dr. Rebecca Chambers, an old colleague of Cpt. Redfield's, had been assigned to investigate Philosophy University. Feeling involved, he used special powers awarded to him over the years to join the investigation, despite it being conducted by the Oceania Branch. Nivans joined his CO with Sophie Home as a representative of the local branch. While driving across Western Australia in a Gambit, the three arrived at the university hours after reports of Zombies attacking students were released. While the local Oceania Branch soldiers secured the area outside the university, the three made their way inside. The investigation uncovered illegal genetic modification of the student body, with the escaped Zombies being the accidental side-effects of these experiments.[9]

Eventually the three found the culprit behind the incident was professor Ryan Howard, who has been abducting students from the university and use them as test subjects with the only successful candidate is Mary Grey, who is the only one able to bond with the Tyrant Virus and his accomplice in help spreading the virus around the school. The three along with Chambers and United States Strategic Command agent Tyler Howard managed to kill Gray's mutated form. Home then gives him her radio and phone number to keep in touch. Afterwards he heads back with Redfield, Chambers and Howard to the US.

Attack on the Marhawa school[]

Chris, Piers, and Merah

Nivans with Redfield and Biji during their investigation

In 2012, Cpt. Redfield again used his powers to join operations outside North America, in this case working with the Far East Branch. After alongside Biji in combating B.O.W.s, the three travelled across South East Asia in search of Dr. Doug Wright, an influential virologist within the BSAA. The search of Singapore's Bennett University only asked more questions, as the staff reported Dr. Wright was overdue on his vacation time, but they did not know where he had gone. Nivans himself uncovered his location from university students; having taken his nephew Ricky Tozawa along for extra credit, he had boasted the trip to his friends. Their destination, Marhawa School, was a prestigious but isolated boarding school in the forests of Kudahnkan. As the school typically kept out of contact with the outside world, the three had to travel there in a Gambit.

Upon arrival, it was discovered the school had fallen to a viral outbreak hours before. Splitting up to search for survivors, Nivans climbed a nearby building and set up his sniper rifle to get a closer look on the ground. Of the three BSAA operators, only Cpt. Redfield found an unmutated survivor, Tozawa. From Tozawa, Nivans learnt how a mysterious cloaked woman had provided a student, Bindi Bergara, with a newly developed virus, and how the girl brought her friend Nanan Yoshihara back from the dead in a plan to kill everyone in the school in a massacre. With the whole school lost to the outbreak, Cpt. Redfield orders Nivans to leave he and Biji behind, and drive off to the nearest city in the Gambit. Once in radio contact with the BSAA regional HQ, he was ordered to then return. Nivans was able to contact HQ during the trip, and work began preparing the relief mission. Cpt. Redfield's team was designed "Alpha Team", with "Bravo Team" to consist of a large body of soldiers being airlifted to the school, but expectations were that it would take a full day for Bravo Team to arrive.

When Nivans returned to the school, he heard loud noises coming from the church, which he discovered was from the monstrously mutated Bergara fighting Biji. Due to her large size, Nivans drive the Gambit straight through the doorway of the church and rammed Bergara into the wall, crushing but not killing her. Wrecking the Gambit in the process, but suspecting there to be more combat soon, Nivans left the Gambit with explosives in the back-seat. When Bergara regenerated and prepared to attack, he detonated the explosives and fired at her face.[10] Realising the loss of the Gambit would trap them in the school, Nivans reported this development to Cpt. Redfield, but was told he had uncovered information about a helicopter located on school grounds.[10] Nivans and Biji made their way to the basement, followed by a large number of Zombies. They were eventually successful in rendezvousing with Cpt. Redfield and Tozawa, but were followed in by Bergara.[11]

Fighting against mutated Bindi

Nivans, Tozawa, Biji and Redfield fighting mutated Bindi

The four made it to the helipad, which rested in an underground hangar which could be elevated to the surface. Nivans used the controls to send this platform to the surface, but they were followed by Bergara; on the surface, the four found there was only a single fence keeping them away from the Zombies clustering around.[12] With all four firing at Bergara in a desperate effort to get to the helicopter, the teenage girl caught fire as her internal biochemistry went haywire.[13] Nivans was last to get on the helicopter, trying to keep the Zombies away, and was grabbed by Biji from the helicopter as it took off rather than wait for him to board.[14] The helicopter was then attacked by Yoshihara, who possessed dangerously powerful tentacles. Biji herself was impaled, and Nivans responded by firing at Yoshihara's head,[14] who eventually let go and fell to the ground where she was eaten by Zombies.[15] Nivans quickly turned to Biji, who's wound was found to be too extensive to treat. He held her in his arms as she died. The helicopter passed Bravo Team's three soon after, having done everything they could to arrive faster than 24 hours.[15] This entire mission was classified by both the BSAA and the government of Kudahnkan, while a global manhunt was underway for the mysterious hooded woman who escaped the BSAA.[15]

Edonia War[]

Chris and his BSAA squad Edonia Civil War

Nivans and Redfield in Edonia

In December 2012 the North American Branch took part in a joint-operation with the European Branch in combating the Edonian Liberation Army, who intelligence indicated had access to bio-weaponry for use in the then-ongoing Edonian Civil War. European Branch HQ determined the virus to be "C-Virus", a newly developed bio-weapon which could mutate humans into J'avo. Unlike Zombies, J'avo were capable of near-human level thinking and able to handle firearms. The BSAA appears to have been unaware at the time that the C-Virus was responsible for the Marhawa Desire, or that the mysterious woman was involved in selling bioweapons to the ELA. As this was a major operation, large teams were assembled, and Nivans was placed within the "Alpha Team", consisting of Cpt. Redfield, Ben Airhart, Carl Alfonso, Finn Macauley and Andy Walker.[16][17]

Meeting Birkin 6

Nivans and his team meeting Birkin and Muller

At one point, the team came across uninfected ELA mercenary Jake Muller and Federal agent Sherry Birkin, during which Nivans noted Muller's affiliation with the insurgents they were fighting. Despite warnings from agent Birkin that Muller posed no threat to the BSAA or their mission, Nivans was angered by Muller when the latter made a threatening remark towards them. They soon were confronted by the infected liberation soldiers and two Ogroman. After eliminating the enemies anti-air cannons and the Ogromen, Chris requisitioned a helicopter for Birkin to transport Muller back to her superiors. Despite protesting to Chris, Muller was allowed to leave on the helicopter.[18][19] While this deeply angered Nivans, Chris reminded him not to lose sight of their mission. Reaching their mission objective, the city hall, Alpha Team came into contact with a woman calling herself Ada Wong.[20] The woman later lured the team into a trap and used a special "needle bomb" to explode C-Virus syringes across the room. Ben; Carl; Finn and Andy were caught in the blast and were infected, leaving Nivans and Chris as the sole survivors. The Four Napad that resulted in the mutated BSAA agents attacked Chris and Nivans and knocked Chris out, also causing him to suffer from amnesia. Miraculously, Nivans was able to survive against these Napad while dragging an unconscious Chris to safety. [21] After the operation, Chris disappeared, leaving Nivans and other BSAA operator to find and bring him back to the BSAA.

Bioterror incident in Lanshiang[]

"What happened to the legendary Chris Redfield, huh?! What happened to you?!"
— Piers confronting an angry Chris.

Nivans finding amnesiac Redfield

Six months after the tragedy, Nivans finds Chris - habitually smoking and drinking - in a bar in Edonia. At first, Chris does not remember anything of bioterrorism, the BSAA, or Nivans and his dead comrades. However, Nivans brings the memories to the surface by forcing him to look at pictures of his deceased team members. Despite Chris' resistance, Nivans and other BSAA operators return him to the BSAA to help with a mission in Lanshiang.

During their mission in Lanshiang, Chris and Nivans headed to the rendezvous point at a tenement house, dubbed the "Ace of Spades". There, they were to rescue United Nations diplomats who had been held hostage by J'avo. After the diplomats were rescued, the building was bombed by the UN to take out any remaining J'avo. After seeing the chrysalis bodies, Chris finally remembered everything. Almost immediately after regrouping with Alpha Team outside, one of the men was attacked and dragged away by the Iluzija.

Piers nivans chris redfield

Following the giant snake's trail, Alpha Team was led unawares into its lair. Searching for the beast in the hopes of finding the missing man alive, the snake attacked and killed soldier after soldier until only Nivans, Chris, Marco and Jeff were left. On their way down to the presumed location of the Iluzija, the snake grabbed Jeff from behind and killed him. The remaining three succeeded in defeating the snake after much effort. Realizing that Chris would stop at nothing to kill Carla, Nivans confronted his Captain with regards to the deviation from the mission. Unfortunately, Carla had chosen that time to attack, infecting Marco with the C-Virus before escaping.

As the only survivors of Alpha Team, Nivans and Chris received intel from headquarters that Carla was headed for the dockyards. Pursuing her in a high-speed chase across the city, headquarters quickly deduced that Carla was going to escape using an aircraft carrier just off the river.

Chris and Piers last confront Carla

Confronting Carla

Searching through the J'avo-held carrier, the two finally found Carla and crossed paths with agents Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper. After Leon convinced the two to bring her into custody over killing her, they cornered Carla outside the carrier. She was later shot by an unidentified man fired on a passing helicopter and fell to her death. Examining Carla's briefcase, Nivans discovered a modified strain of the C-Virus which was kept for the purposes of vaccine research.

Chris and Nivans commandeered a VTOL aircraft awaiting deployment at the other end of the ship. In the air, Chris and Nivans attacked a second J'avo-controlled carrier that housed the missile. After the two took out the anti-aircraft batteries, Nivans was dropped off onto the deck, and he started toward the missile in the hope to de-activate it manually. Unfortunately, the sudden emergence of an Ogroman from its Chrysalid prevented Nivans from reaching the target. The defeat of the Ogroman restarted the launch process; Chris fired a missile at the silo, trying to destroy it and the carrier. The plan failed, and the missile was launched on the Tatchi district. After communication between Chris and Leon, the Alpha Team was sent over to a far-off oil rig in search of the abducted Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller.

Mutation and death[]

"I'm sorry... Captain... I did it for the BSAA... For the future!"
— Piers apologizing to Chris for injecting himself with the C-Virus.
Resident Evil 6 Haos 04

Confronting HAOS

The two landed on the rig and made their way down the elevator which descended down even into the ocean. Arriving at an underwater research complex, Chris and Nivans began their search for the missing persons. Once they found Muller and Birkin, the four discovered that Carla was developing a powerful, deadly B.O.W. named Haos, a giant aquatic beast resembling a squid and a human. Separated from Muller and Birkin, Chris and Nivans made their way to the top of the complex while evading Haos' attacks where they intended to use the escape pods.

The creature's surprise attack in a chamber left Nivans in such a state that his right arm was practically destroyed, crushed by the debris. Moving over to the C-Virus vial - almost dismembering his arm in the process - Nivans infected himself with the virus. After injecting the virus into the wound, Nivans developed a trident-like appendage and the capability of releasing massive quantities of bio-electricity through the prongs.

Piers Final Moments 1

Nivans' final moments after Chris' escape pod launches.

Beyond that, Nivans' physical mutation was no different from Derek C. Simmons' human form. After the duo defeated Haos, the two rushed to the escape pods. However, Nivans refused to follow Chris into the sphere; throwing him inside, Nivans sealed the door and launched the pod. Nivans chose to end his life while he was still capable of thinking for himself, despite Chris' protest. As the facility's water pressure built up further, the structure began to come apart in more and more places. The escape pod finally ejected Chris out of the facility, leaving Nivans behind.

Before Nivans died, Haos attacked Chris' escape pod. Immediately afterward, the creature was hit by an electrical discharge that was identical to the one that Nivans created, suggesting that he saved Chris' life.[22] In the end, Chris honored Nivans' memory by remaining in the BSAA as Nivans wanted instead of retiring.


"I trusted him, and he trusted me. He fought alongside me, then... he died to save me."
— Chris and Jill, about Piers' sacrifice.

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