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Unlike the other five default characters, Piers does not have a default handgun. Instead, his default weapon set are a sub-machine gun and a high-powered sniper rifle.

He is equipped with an MP-AF, a sub-machine gun that uses 9mm rounds and has a top-side laser sight. Piers' MP-AF is equipped with two firing modes, able to switch between a fully-automatic weapon to a single-shot for more accuracy and control. The primary weapon for Piers, appropriately enough, is the Anti-Materiel Rifle. His Anti-Materiel Rifle is particularly dangerous, powerful enough to often kill a J'avo with one shot to the torso or head with 12.7mm rounds. It uses a scope that has an adjustable zoom with two-settings, as well as a thermal sight.


When Piers injects himself with the C-Virus in Chapter 5, he develops a new appendage capable of discharging electricity. His arm functions as his current firearm, and Piers is stripped of any melee attacks. Piers' Combat Gauge is fully depleted so he can not sprint, but can dodge. In addition, his regular walking and running speed is given a slight boost.

Piers' Health slowly regenerates after he takes damage, but depletes by small amounts when he uses either of his two available attacks. The first is his normal electric shot, which is used to stun Haos and expose its weak spots for Chris Redfield to destroy. The second is a massive electric discharge, which is used to break Haos' cocoon and severely stun him. This second attack can be charged for extra damage, but only charges so much despite letting the player charge indefinitely.

In this state, Piers cannot use his inventory to use items and is essentially stripped of all items following his mutation. Chris can heal him using the Herb tablets if he is put into Dying status, and he will be healed if he is in the proximity of Chris when the latter uses a First Aid Spray.

Piers is still vulnerable in this state; he can and will take damage, be knocked down, put into dying status or outright killed, and can be blinded by Flash Grenades.

This form is only available during the second battle with Haos and the subsequent escape hallway at the end of Chris' scenario, where his attacks are necessary to destroy chrysalid walls. He can kill nearby Napads with his attacks as well.

Additionally, during a contextual attack where Chris' knife could be used to stab Haos' glowing organs, Piers will use the sharpened "claws" of his mutated arm instead, which appears to do the same amount of damage.

Contextual AttacksEdit

Like all of the other characters, Piers can perform a small number of basic melee moves and counters, as well as some contextual attacks that are unique to him.[1]

  • Roundhouse Kick - A simple attack, Piers performs a quick forward spinning kick that sends the enemy to the ground, knocking back anyone else within range. This is most commonly performed on a staggering enemy from any side. This move can also be seen when he destroys a Time Bonus.
  • Headlock Takedown - Piers slips behind a stunned enemy, wrapping his arm around their head before turning, and throwing the enemy over his hip. This is most commonly performed on a lightly stunned enemy (such as from a shot to the head) from the front.
  • Back Breaker - Kicking out an enemy's knees from behind to make them kneel, Piers leans forward and wraps his arm around their neck and swiftly breaks their back as he leans them back. This is most commonly performed on an enemy that is lightly or heavily stunned from behind.
  • Uppercut - For Piers' coup de grâce, he crouches down and strikes the enemy with a powerful uppercut. This is most commonly performed on heavily stunned, kneeling, or blinded enemy from anywhere but directly behind. This attack also occurs as the prompt to rescue a partner who has been grabbed by an enemy.

The MercenariesEdit

Piers is a playable character in Resident Evil 6's The Mercenaries. To unlock Piers, you must achieve at least a B rank or higher on Steel Beast with any character. In order to unlock his alternate costume, you must achieve at least an A rank or higher on any stage with Piers. Costumes 2 and 3 can be unlocked through Resident


Piers Nivans (Default)

Piers Nivans (Costume 1 & 2)

Other ModesEdit

Piers has the following loadouts in these other multiplayer modes:


Piers Nivans (Default)

  • Anti-Materiel Rifle (10 rounds)
  • MP-AF (30 rounds)

Piers Nivans (Costume 1 & 2)

  • Anti-Materiel Rifle (10 rounds)
  • Picador (16 rounds)


Piers Nivans (Default

  • Anti-Materiel Rifle (10 rounds)
  • MP-AF (30 rounds)
  • Remote Bomb (x1)

Piers Nivans (Costume 1 & 2)


Piers Nivans (Default)

Piers Nivans (Costume 1 & 2)

  • Ammo Box 50 (50 rounds)
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle (5 rounds)
  • Assault Shotgun (7 rounds)
  • Incendiary Grenade (x1)
  • 9mm Ammo (x30)
  • 7.62mm NATO Ammo (x15)
  • 12-Gauge Shells (x10)


  1. These names are unofficial and simply descriptive substitutes. Unlike previous titles, the name of the attack does not appear.
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